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Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018

Ghostly 18

Plaisted Publishing House and The Ghostly Writes Crew have done it again, bringing us yet an

other collection of haunted tales and spooky poems. From ghostly encounters to haunted carnival rides, wicked forests and ghoulish manors, there is something inside for

everyone. So curl up beneath your blanket and get ready to experience all the spine tingling encounters hidden inside…. The Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018

Your Authors for 2018 are:-

C L Williams, Karen Mossman, Adam Mitchell, Dan McAteer, M E Hembroff, Chandra Trulove Fry, Kyrena Lynch, Wendy Steele, Michael Lynes, Eve Merrick-Williams, Adele Marie Park, Jane Risdon, Mary Woldering, K M McFarland, R M Demeester, C A Keith, Cassandra Jones, M J Mallon, Claire Plaisted, Pamela Silva, J G Clay, Michelle Hughes & Mara Ritsma

The book is written in various English Grammar and Spelling from around the world!!


A free to download ebook.

Also available as a beautiful paperback.

My story is called Monster at the Door, and you can read it here.

My teaser


Ghostly Romance 2019

Plaisted Publishing House is pleased to present this new anthologies from writer’s around the world.


There is nothing like holding the paperback in your hands. This is my review of the book.

My story is called A Good Son and you can read it here.


Silent Night

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 13.15.06Karen’s Book Buzz Review

I usually start off with a description except there isn’t one because I didn’t get it from Amazon and it doesn’t appear to be for sale.

I came across it by accident and you know how every now and again you come across a little gem. Well, this is it.

I visited the author’s website and as I was reading, one of those annoying boxes dropped down and obscured my view. It invited me to join the newsletter with an offer of a free book. Being a sucker for a free book, I joined.

I know of the author, have spoken to her but never read any of hers. They are mostly Science Fiction/Fantasy stories, books I tend to sreet away from as a rule.

On inpulse I filled in the details and was invited to download the free book. I didn’t even see the cover. It was a short read and having just finished two short reads on the run, decided to start on this one.

What a cracking story! I absolutely loved it!

It was set on a planet where people were forced to leave earth mainly because of terrorist attacks.  scientists had also discovered transportation. Now, if you’re not a fan of this genre your eyes are probably glazing over. But stop, keep reading!

The story is set in a bar and Deak is the bartender. Real people, real situations, and a message in the story that will resonate.

Never give up hope.

Deak is in a deep depression and had let himself go, thus not seeing things as they really were. There are people who care for him, he just doesn’t recognise them. Just when we think we are going to see the last of him, something happens that changes his outlook on life.

Ah, it was just a great story, I loved it!  Hope is such. great word. Without hope, where would we be?

If you want to read this story, you’ll have to sign up for the newsletter and that really isn’t a bad thing. If her newsletters are anything like her blog posts, they will be worth it.

This is the website, I urge you take a look and give it a read!

Books by Sahara Foley

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 14.41.20

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 14.41.01

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 14.41.52



The Ghost on the Stairs

Get ready for halloween with this novella, an Electric Eclectic book. Prepare to be swooned and spooked!

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 11.52.22
When a good looking guy walks into a café and asks for you by name, you sit up and take notice. Cassie is instantly attracted to Damien Mathers, who is also a World Super Bike Champion. He needs her help to banish a ghost. That is not what Cassie does but Damien is very persuasive!
The Ghost on the Stairs takes clairvoyant Cassie on a journey she won’t forget. It leaves her un-nerved and scared – not because of it, but what it unleases within her.
Damien doesn’t believe in the paranormal, until he witnesses something he can’t explain. He is falling for Cassie but how can he love her dark side, too?
Can Cassie hold on to Damien? Can she banish the ghosts and save her relationship?”
“Karen J Mossman manages something quite unique. This is a story that will make you laugh and scare you at the same time.”

A Flash of Horror


A Flash Of Horror is a collection of short and flash fiction from my two collections Heads & Tales and Undressed.
12 chilling and though-provoking tales that will stay with you for nights to come.
Are you ready to delve into the dark side?

Amazon UK
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Karen’s Book Buzz Review

I’ve always said I am not a fan of horror but find myself reading the odd one or two. The last ones I read were also Electric Eclectic books. Because most of them are shorter reads, it tempts me to give them a try.  I have’t been disappointed yet.

A Flash of Horror is another excellent book. Simply because the style of writing was easy to read and the flashes of horror really laid out the scary side.  There are twelve stories in all. Some I’d read in a previous collection and still enjoyed second time around.

Each story was short, just a few pages long and often with a twist in the tail, something you don’t expect, then wham! There is it, the explanation – usually nothing like I imagined. Cleverly written, the stories don’t say much, they leave the inbetween bits out for your imagination to do the work, and it truely does. Don’t read it at night!

Having read a few stories of late that were short and often difficult to get into as I tried to work out what they were saying, where it was going, and if it was worth carrying on. It was so refreshing to read straight forward, straight to the point writing that was clear and easy to understand.

You will finish this book in no time, so it’s recommended for a journey, or the hour to relax into for some me time.

A Flash of Horror

This book is part of the Electric Eclectic brand of books and they are all shorter reads. Particularly good if you love reading but don’t have a lot of time.  It’s also a good way to find new authors.

Electric Eclectic Facebook page
Electric Eclectic & Friends group
Karina Kantas on Facebook
Karina Kantas on Amazon

More horror stories from Electric Eclectic

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 11.11.37

Heart of a Warrier

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 16.52.01.pngDescription

Elena Murphy is left devastated when her fated mate rejects their union. She believes Gabriel is embarrassed to be paired with a weak, half-breed vampire from Earth. But when two human children under her care are abducted by alien Slavers, Elena will do anything to get them back, even swallow her pride to beg Gabriel for help to rescue them.
Gabriel, an ancient Hunter from the planet Laizahlia, has spent thousands of years searching for his fated mate, his eillelé, the one who carries half his soul.
He finally finds her in Elena, but she is also half human.
If he claims her, his Council will force him to convert her fully to vampire, and he knows she might not survive with her mind intact. Rather than risk her life or sanity, he chooses to walk away . . . until two children under her care are taken by Slavers.Gabriel’s Council and Slavers won’t be the only dangers they face in their quest to find the missing children.
When Gabriel learns Djinn are involved, he knows their odds for success will be extremely low.
Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 17.47.25

Footprints in the Sand

A short novelette written exclusively for Electric Eclectic by Ian Welch

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 18.26.40Description

Scarlett has awoken in hospital, she has no memory of the accident, no recollection of events leading up to it. But she remembers Travis – or is he a mere figment of her imagination?

Makayla thinks so. Strange things, unexplainable happenings begin to torment Scarlett. Is she losing her mind? Others, including Makayla, suspect this is so. But her vision of Travis is unequivocal, he must be real, he is real. Is Scarlett the only one who believes this?


Supernatural collides with reality. Travis exists, Scarlett knows this. She has seen the evidence with her own eyes, she has felt his presence, she has held his hand. Why does everyone doubt her? If only she could remember the accident, and why would she be riding a horse like Makayla said? She hates horses.

Scarlett awakes from a coma with no memory of the accident. She has no recollection of events leading up to it, but she does remember Travis.

“He’s not real.” Everyone, including her best friend Makayla, is telling her. He’s just a hallucination, a figment of Scarlett’s imagination. But Scarlett knows different, she has felt his presence, she has seen the evidence. Something strange is happening, Scarlett can’t explain it, but she has seen with her own eyes, she knows Travis was with her on the beach. He is real, why can’t the others accept this?

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Link to my review of Phantom Footprints

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