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Ghostly Romance 2019

Plaisted Publishing House is pleased to present this new anthologies from writer’s around the world.


There is nothing like holding the paperback in your hands. This is my review of the book.

My story is called A Good Son and you can read it here.


Ghostly Romance

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.43.10DESCRIPTION

Have you lost a loved one? Do you see or hear them? This anthology gives you a selection of short stories plus two poems about the ghosts who can’t move on, be it due to love or hate.

From the Highlands of Scotland to Wales, England, the USA & Canada, you will find something which suits you.

Thanks to participants the world over.

M J Mallon, Cathy-Lee Chopping, Mara Reitsma, Karen J Mossman, C A Keith, C L Williams, Claire Plaisted, Dan McAteer & Michael Lynes.


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This book is free to download

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All of the books in the series are free to download – Happy Reading!


A short story about the cover – Claire Plaisted

Ode to Love – A poem by M J Mallon

A Good Son by Karen J. Mossman

A Highland Haunting by Dan McAteer

Dream Threads by C A Keith

Frost of Heart by Michael Lynes

Reunited at Last by C L Williams

Winged Secrets by Mara Reitsma

Pride and Witchery by Cathy-Lee Chopping

Ed’s Shadow Poetry – A poem by M J Mallon

Author Links

Love the stories? Follow the authors.

M J Mallon
Karen J Mossman
Cathy-Lee Chopping
C.A. Keith
Michael Lynes
C L Williams
Mara Reitsma
Claire Plaisted

I was at Pedro’s house and we were making out on the sofa. My head was back, my neck stretched in pleasure, my eyes flicked open and there was his mother looking through the window.


Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.56.13.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.56.55.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.55.41


Bonfire Heart

Bonfire Heart ecover (002).jpgDescription

Sebastian Winter is a loner with a lot on his mind. His only escape is his photography and enjoying the peace and solitude that sailing off the coast of New Zealand brings.
Lena Cavendish is the town’s rich girl who wants to break free and follow her heart. Her father wants University and a career for his daughter, she wants to write romances. She is looking for her ‘Happily Ever After’.
Falling in love can be simple but will Sebastian’s anxiety and depression push her away, just when he needs her the most?
Find out in this coming of age story set on the North Island of New Zealand.


Karen’s Book Buzz Review

If you are looking for a love story that will play with the strings of your heart, have great characters, beautiful scenery with just the right amount of dramatic story telling, then here it is.

Audrina Lane is great at romance amd I’ve read a couple of her books before. Come back and read a review here.

The story tells of Sebaston who has had problems with depression and anxiety, and who could blame him when him when you see what has happened in his life. It’s a change to have male character who are not completely flawless and strong. It makes him seem more real. He falls in love with Lena but believes she is too good for him and his problems will put her her off when she realises. This of course, makes him even more anxious.

Lena has her own problems, although they probably don’t seem like problems to everybody else. How hard can it be to come from a rich family? Well, for a start her family have expectations of her and plans for her future. Unfortunately, they are not what she wants from her life. That brings conflict. Lena also feels anxious that Sebaston will not be interested in someone like her.

This is indeed, a coming of age story and two people fall in love for the first time.

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This is Audrina’s first book under the Electric Eclectic book brand. She also has her own channel on Electric Press.


Electric Eclectic Books


A host of other exciting books can be found on the above links.



Chaining Daisy

“Chaining Daisy is a sweeping rollercoaster of a read that will literally rip your beating heart from your chest. Book two in the Perennials Trilogy and the sequel to Becoming Lili, it is available to pre-order from Amazon.”

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 10.30.10.png

“Life is never simple. It can be amazing, full of endless wonderful possibilities, or it can be cruel, arbitrarily punishing the innocent with callous misfortune. For a novel that reflects life in all its guises, Chaining Daisy is an epic, sweeping rollercoaster of a read that will make you laugh and cry at every turn of the page. It will tear your heart from your chest and lift your spirits to the skies, and give you all the right feels in all the right places.

Launch Date;  11th September in paperback, eBook and free to read on Kindle Unlimited. Available now to pre-order from Amazon.”

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 10.32.08.png


If someone breaks, can they ever truly be put back together?

Book Two in the Perennials Trilogy, Chaining Daisy continues the story begun in Becoming Lili. Now adults coping with relationships, marriage and parenthood, Lili and her friends have no idea of the dark days to come.

Desperate for a baby, Daisy feels the chains of expectation tighten as her failure to conceive places an unbearable strain on her marriage, threatening to stretch her husband’s patience to breaking point.

Kevin also has problems as his feelings grow for his mysterious Ukrainian cleaner. But Kateryna is a woman with a tragic past and a secret – a secret which will change everything.

Chaining Daisy is a magnificent, sweeping story of life in all its harsh, beautiful wonder, and is a tale that will wrench at your heart and hold you spellbound until the very last page.

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Becoming Lili Book One


Never has an ugly duckling turned into such a beautiful swan…Book One in the Perennials Trilogy, Becoming Lili tells the story of an ugly duckling girl, Phyllis. Bullied viciously at school and unloved at home, Phyllis is a lonely teenager longing for so much more from life.Suddenly, a tragedy and a random encounter with a stranger offer her to chance to have it all… if only she has the courage to change, to grasp the opportunity with both hands.In the years that follow, her dreams of attaining friends and beauty are realised and others join her on her journey to Becoming Lili. But then she meets Jake, and Lili finally realises that even when you seem to have it all, sometimes the one thing you want, is the one thing you just can’t have.Becoming Lili is an epic, heart-warming tale of aspiration, friendship and love, set against the backdrop of the vibrant 1990’s, and is packed full of unforgettable characters you will instantly fall in love with.

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Check out Julia Blake’s other books on Amazon.

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 10.49.44

I love Julia Blakes books as they are mixed genres and I’ve read quite a few of them.

Lost and Found




Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 17.00.33


The book you have in your hands follows the path of Mitchell’s semi-autobiographical alter ego, Harry Block.
Through the highs and lows of a job he hates, impending parenthood, the trials and misadventures of redemption, and a rather long and successful in alcoholism.
All the while dealing with the struggles of the written word and writer’s block (no pun intended)

“For too long I messed up, broke up, broke down and hurt you, and then made up just to play that same horrid LP all over again. Yet, as one of them so called writer types the world and his wife claim me to be, I’m a sucker for happy endings. The guy gets the girl, she saves him. He loves her. Fade to fucking black.”

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“For too long I messed up, broke up, broke down and hurt you, and then made up just to play that same horrid LP all over again. Yet, as one of them so called writer types the world and his wife claim me to be, I’m a sucker for happy endings. The guy gets the girl, she saves him. He loves her. Fade to fucking black.”

“I knew those filthy words, no other women talks as dirty or as flirty. Nor cause my willy-wangler to get more wood than Sherwood fucking Forest.

“Fuck-trumpet…Lou…is that fucking you…What the fuck are you doing in the devils own, glorious fucked up  big red bum hole.”

“Oh hey Harry… how are you today?”

“It’s a very butch thing to do, hiding from your angry woman. Ask any man, they’ll agree. When the women get angry the men get going. I hunker down in a window booth. It’s still early so nobody’s here but me and the waitress. She holds up a cup. I nod, my coffee is on its way.”

“ Don’t get me wrong I love her to the moon and back, wouldn’t be without her. In so many way’s she is the best part of me,  she’s more than a woman to me. Frankly she’s my everything. Yet, her one flaw and she doesn’t have many is that fucking temper, and I’ve put her through more than her fair share of crap in the lifespan of our relationship, to warrant the claws”


Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 17.04.20.png

Author Bio

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 17.11.38Adam is the writer of The Lost Angel, Central City Tales & Chloe’s Justice. He is also a contributor to several Independent Anthologies, all of which are available on Amazon. Adam has been a fan of golden age Pulp and crime from the 1930’s and 1940’s era. It’s because of his love of this genre, his novels follow the exploits of Jack Malone Private Investigator.

Beer, Women and the Written Word is his break away satirical novel.
In 2015 Adam overcame a crippling case of Dyslexia as he was writing his first novel. He now uses it as a platform to bring awareness about this learning disability. His aim is to deliver the message that it can be overcome, and it doesn’t have to become an obstacle. He has proven that if you set yourself a goal, and you want it bad enough, you can overcome and succeed.

“This is a semi-autobiographical novel based on my life all the events in the book did happen but have been to some extent exaggereated in various degrees for effect. This is also book one of a potental series. it was delibratly written to be rude, crude and politically incorrect.

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 17.10.52.png

“This is a semi-autobiographical novel based on my life all the events in the book did happen but have been to some extent exaggereated in various degrees for effect. This is also book 1 of a potental series. it was delibratly written to be rude, crude and politically incorrect.”

Read a blog Review Here



{author d.m pennington}

“I don’t know if I spent more time with my jaw on the floor or laughing hysterically”

{author christy mann}

“A book that digs into the mundane and not the miraculous. It’s about !#@$ing time”

{author d.m pennington}

Connect with Adam on Social Media.




Happy Publication Day!


Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 16.23.29Congratulations Thérésa Hedges-Webb on the release of her second book in the series, Diary Of An Everyday Vampire ~ Volume 2.



Book 2 of the Diary Of An Everyday Vampire is back! Louder, more observant and cheekier than ever.

Read more of the irreverent rants, humorous musings and useful advice from the most unusual creature ever – the Everyday Vampire.

Read all the latest from the book series that’s been called “a fresh breath of air to an old genre”!”You will enjoy it whether you are a ‘vampire’ fan or not!”

Paperback version is available from 21st June on Amazon, the Kindle version is released on 1st July.

Amazon UK
Amazon US


Book 1 is available on Kindle Unlimited or for 99p.

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 16.26.34.png

No glitter, no fuss, just a new-fangled view on life…Did you know vampires are real?

Of course you did. Well, you always suspected it.

And they’re not actually undead, just largely unenthusiastic about the modern world.

Here’s your opportunity to find out the amusing truth…

Read the secret thoughts of one such outrageous creature: the Everyday Vampire.”I love the ‘Bridget Jones’ vampire! This always makes me laugh! It’s brilliant!” (Beta review)



Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 16.22.20