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A New Concept For Writers

Electric Eclectic Books



We are a brand of books, rather than a publisher. What makes us different is that the author claims all royalities, and has full control of their own book. It was originally just novellas, created for readers to find new authors without having to purchase a full book. While this is still true, there are other things that Electric Electic Books now do.

  • Back Stories – are excellent ways to explore and individual (or several) characters life (or lives) in more depth, even from childhood or birth, delving into their lives to find what experiences moulded their temperament and persoanlity. What traumas or conquests brough them to this point in their lives?
  • Parallels give authors the prospect of exploring untold events from their books; these parallels are like a sidebar, allowing incidents not fully incvestigated in other volumes, now to be discovered by their readers.
  • A Prequel is, of course, telling the tale of what happened before the series started, the worlds, the events, the people, their endevours and conflicts, the formation and destruction of agreements, syndicates, cartels and collborations… there is no end of possibilty.
  • Longer books are now accepted, too.

Combined with our Novelletes, Electric Eclectic is proving to be the thinking authors marketing.

Who does not want to use a method of marketing which pays the authors to promote their own books?

Could your writing fill that criteria? We are looking for authors to join us and enjoy the many benefits we offer.

Interested? Want to know more about beoming an Electric Eclectic author?

First stop, contact us, visit the Electric Eclectic website today.

Click on the door and step into a new future!

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Operation Debt Recovery

A short novelette written exclusively for Electric Eclectic by Ian Welch.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 18.12.31.pngDescription

A short novelette. Brandon is meandering through life. His dreams of a big house, a modern car, and a lovely girl to share it with, is a fantasy. It’s not happening, his job is boring, and his bank account is dismal. Something has to change. Perhaps a holiday in

Las Vegas might provide some inspiration, a kick start to a new future.
Or maybe it’s the start of a trip to Hell. Brandon never foresaw the can of worms an exciting week in vibrant Vegas would unlock.


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What harm can a week in fun-city Las Vegas do? Answer – open a can of worms which will change Brandon’s life forever. Now Brandon has the almost impossible task of trying to extricate himself from the deep hole he has stumbled into and restore some normality to his life.

Brandon has three simple aspirations. To own a big house, to drive a late model car, and to marry a gorgeous girl to share all this with. He is failing dismally on all three counts. He feels he is stagnating in his boring bank job. Maybe a week in vibrant Las Vegas is the recipe he needs to kickstart a new focus and to provide a much-needed boost to his meagre finances? Or maybe it is the start of a devastating downward spiral? An out of the frying pan and into the fire situation.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures, Brandon resorts to mixing with unscrupulous people in a desperate attempt to pay off a debt which threatens to destroy his life.

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Electric Eclectic Books


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