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Chattanooga Choo Choo

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 10.12.13Description

On a short train ride from Knoxville to Chattanooga a young girl’s life is changed forever. Murder, love, and a lifelong mystery are set into motion as the passengers listen to the clickety-clack of the wheels on the track. Can her hero, dressed in Navy whites, save her from disaster? Is there more to this tangled web of lies and deceit than there seems to be?

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Karen’s Book Buzz Review

This is a short, quick read that packs a punch! A perfect little book when you have an hour or so to spend on yourself.

Set in the bygone days, a young girl goes off to visit her sister and gets involved in a murder on a train. There were no spare words in this story. Everyone counts, and swifty moves you on the next, and all the while drawing you in. It was also very atmospheric and reminded me of those old crime noir films.

When the story rounds off really nicely and all is revealed, I was satisfied at being entertained with a good story. Then I turned the page – instead of The End, there was more, a lot more. The epilogue was unexpected because what more was there to say? The icing on the cake, that’s what, a neat little tale that totally surprised me.

What I also picked up on is love at first sight. This is not a romantic story by any means but a couple of the characters meet on the train and something clicks. I once wrote a story about that magic moment, it too involved crime. It just shows how when life gets complicated, and we’re going about our business, it unexpectedly strikes. If you wish you can read First Sight on Wattpad.

EE Moon 10.03.20

Electric Ecletic books are a brand of entertaining reads featuring a variety of stories by different authors. It’s also a great place to find new authors as Chattanooga Choo Choo gives you and example of Elizabeth Horton-Newton work. If you like what you read, you may want to check out one of her full novels.

I love her work and these are the ones I have read and reviewed. Until I listed them, I hadn’t realised just how addictive she is!

Stolen Gypsy
View from the Sixth Floor
Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Burned Toast
April Showers
Old Habits

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Elizabeth’s Facebook page to learn more about her and her books is here.

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Undercover Crime Shorts

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 09.38.09Genre: Short Stories/Crime


Under one cover for the first time a collection of Crime Shorts from Jane Risdon featuring previously unpublished stories which will have you on the edge of your seat.

Seven very different crime stories for you to enjoy.

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Karen’s Book Buzz Review

When I found out this author had written some crime shorts, I knew they would be good as I’d previously read some of her short stories. Jane Risdon has a magic pen. She knows how to write a tale that will intrigue and lure you in.

Seven ‘long’ short that were cleverly inspired by crime and murder.

Sweet Sable: The Red Siren is the first story and set in the thirties, it immediately created an atmaosphere of a times gone by. This crime noir tale was good start to the book.

Apartment 206c, couldn’t have been more different as it brings us bang up to date. We’ve all overheard people talking through walls, and China, the main character, hears her neighbours arguing. A fast past, heart thumping story with a twist.

Murder by Christmas – this was very clever. It’s started with the reading of a will, and certain people have to do certain things before they get their money. Very clever story.

The Watchers was a sad crime I felt. Two people who didn’t quite connect up again as we find out all it not what it seems.

The Honey Trap, and we have all heard of them and this one plays out as we meet the assassin.

The Look is similar to the previous one, and another cleverly written story. Although they were both good, I liked this one better because I love a strong female character.

The seventh story is called Undercover and is an extract from the author’s forthcoming book. I didn’t read this one, so you will have to make up your own mind about it.

I enjoy Jane Risdon’s writing and read her book Only One Women, which I absolutely loved. It takes the reader back to the rock n roll sixties. You can read my review here.

Jane also wrote a short story which I featured on the Magic of Stories site called Summer of Love, and is well worth a read.

The New Summer Garden

CoverGenre: Crime


Sam was a down and almost out, with little prospect for the future, when he meets Rachelle, the beautiful wife of the philanderous Peter, the kingpin of an international criminal business empire.

When Peter catches Sam ‘in flagrante’ with Rachelle, he ensures Sam’s simple life becomes complicated.

What happens next takes Sam on a surreal path, where the only plausible outcome is for Sam to end up in prison or dead… most probably both.

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Karen’s Book Buzz Review

This adult themed book is a great little read. It tells the story of Sam in his own words. He is a down and out, bit of drunk, no money, and lives hand to mouth. But the one thing he is, is a worker. When he’s asked to move top soil for a new summer garden, his problems are about to begin.

We know there is a problem, a big one because Sam tells us right at the beginning that he is in big trouble. Although, you soon forget about that when he meets Rachelle and is lured into her bed.

The story is a page turner as Sam gets in deeper and deep and through no fault of his own, except he is unable to resist sexy woman. These type of women are always trouble, so you know right from the beginning things are not going to end well.

It doesn’t, and you’ll want to keep on reading because you have to know every last detail. Sam is a clever man. He devises plan, which he doesn’t reveal, but I had guessed – only I hadn’t expected one final twist ….

I liked Sam, he was an interesting man!


Paul White is a prolific writer and he doesn’t just stick to one genre. He just can’t stop writing and even has a website of short stories, should you want to read more.

Electric Eclectic Books, are a great for finding new authors and there is such a varity of genres. These are Paul’s other books under the EE Brand.

Paul Mix.png

A New Summer Garden

CoverAn Electric Eclectic Novelette by Paul White.

Brief blurb
A crime drama.
Sam was a down and almost out, with little prospect for the future when he meets Rachelle, the beautiful wife of the philanderous Peter, the kingpin of an international criminal business empire.
When Peter catches Sam ‘in flagrante’ with Rachelle, he ensures Sam’s simple life becomes complicated.
What happens next takes Sam on a surreal path, where the only plausible outcome is for Sam to end up in prison or dead… most probably both.


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I have never played poker before. The only game I played with cards was ‘Snap’ when I was a child and I usually lost then. Yet somehow, by one o’clock in the morning, there was a great pile of money in front of me, bunches of twenty and fifty-pound notes.

Things were looking good.
By three o’clock my entire wad of cash was gone. So was my original three hundred pounds stake money Peter gave me.

It had all gone tits-up.

The game was wound up at four o’clock and I was in the shit. I was left with five IOU’s, totalling five thousand seven hundred and twenty pounds. The debt belonged to the two Kosovans and the big Russian, with a few hundred owing to the three Polish fellows.

They said I had one month to come up with the cash or pay with my kneecaps.

Peter laughed aloud saying it was the best three hundred pounds investment he had made in years. In fact, he said, he often paid twice that amount to fuck one of his poxy little whores.

I knew then I had been fucked over. Again.

But this was not the end of the night. Oh no, things were to get a little more complicated than just being stitched up by a jealous husband and owing a gambling debt to a bunch of unstable, possibly ex KGB type, gangsters.


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Hunting Harry

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 19.28.13Genre: Suspense/crime//short story


A city financier dies leaving millions locked away in secret accounts. His son looks forward to a fortune but there’s a catch, the will. It falls to a jobbing actor to play the role of his life to unlock the key to great wealth. Follow the twists and turns of the plot in this short story, a thirty minute read.

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Lurking behind this cover is a really good short story.  I was asked by a friend to read his book. I don’t normally accept books to review, but the fact it was a short story, and I liked the author, swayed me to download it.

Harry has a missing stepbrother, and in order to satisfy the conditions of his father’s will, George Baumann must find him. The story was well written and succinct, and I liked it for that. It got straight to the point without any fluffing about. The author told the taile well and I really enjoyed it, especially when what happened was something I wasn’t expecting. I like a story that takes me somewhere I don’t expect.

When I first saw the cover, I thought it was an audio book, as the dimensions were different from the normal size. I also thought the man on the right was a young Martin Clunes. I know what its supposed to represent, but it doesn’t do justice to a good story.

When you have an hour to kill, then its perfect and whats even more perfect is how you can download it for free if you’re a member of kindle unlimited.