The Soul Catcher


To preserve her sanity, Jemma lives her lie—that she is normal. As a child, her psychic gifts cost her everything. So when she foresees a woman’s murder, she does nothing to prevent it and unwittingly helps a serial killer get away with another murder.
Guilt-ridden, she reports the crime only to find herself thrown into a world she didn’t know existed. Coerced into working with the police, battling to keep herself alive and dealing with newfound emotions, Jemma is forced to use the gifts she sees as a curse, to save the lives of others.



***** What would you do if you were given the choice between saving your sanity, or saving the lives of strangers? It’s a choice Jemma thought she would never have to make. Could you endure what Jemma does? Get your copy of The Soul Catcher now to see. Available on KU, eBook and paperback. *****

***** Have you wondered what it would be like to be normal by day, superhero by night? Jemma has, and it’s not all she thought it would be. Get your copy of The Soul Catcher today and join Jemma on her dark and twisted journey into the world of the supernatural. Available on KU, eBook and paperback *****



“I’ve spent the last ten years trying to avoid touching people. And you’re telling me you purposefully want me to make myself see horrific deaths of people?” I stare at Mitchell waiting for an answer. All I get is a tick in the side of his neck again and a very angry look on his face. “I don’t think so,” I tell him and start to make my way past him; I will find my way out of this damn place. That’s when I hear the safety catch of a gun. A barrel presses against my back. Things change quite quickly. We can have all the will in the world, but put a loaded gun against someone, well; sticking to doing the opposite is hard.

Death, torture, ghosts, visions, demons and more. What else could you want?


Every Storm Breaks

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 10.32.01Genre: Dystopian/Post Apocalyptic


When a Reacher terrorist group enlists the help of a deranged serial killer, their goal is simple: bring about chaos in Britain. But when the death count starts rising, chaos comes sooner than expected.

With the tension between the London elite and the surrounding slums reaching breaking point, Charlie finds himself in handcuffs on the wrong side of the border. Government agents are closing in and Charlie is running out of time.

Can his friends save him in time – and when the storm comes, will anyone get out alive?

Is It A Series

Yes Book 1 is The Running Game and 2 is Border Lines

Is It Easy To Read?


Karen Book Buzz Blog

I read the first book and didn’t quite get it and wasn’t sure I liked the lead characters that much either. But something about the story compelled me to finish the book. Along came book two and I understood them a little better and Roxy came into his own a little more. A seedy character I didn’t like at all originally.

The author told me that she feels this was her best yet and she isn’t wrong. I absolutely loved this story line. Now I understand the world of the Reachers and the plot was unexpected and gripping.

Roxy was a great character, I really enjoyed him. In fact, all of them were good because they were a little different than the normal heroes you get in films and books. These men, Roxy, Charlie, and his brother John are all deeply flawed and I’m beginning to understand why. If they got a black eye, or split lip, it hurt for days. It was real and therefore made the characters so much more realistic.

There were lots of minor characters all fully formed. Everything came together for a big finale and it was a stunning read. My best book of the year!

We all put faces to our characters and mine were very clear from the start. So for the first time on Book Buzz, I’m going to share them with you.


John and Charlie

You may recognise Charlie Sheen and Dominic Monaghan. So yes, I could imagine this as a film so easily and I just hope this book gets the credit it deserves. You can get it on Kindle Unlimited and read it for free, if not, go buy a copy, you won’t be disappointed!

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Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 17.51.34Genre: Science Fiction/ Fantasy


Psyche: it used to mean the seat of intellect, but now refers only to a tiny asteroid housing the solar system’s human garbage.

When Antoinette Foucault’s dream of motherhood circles the drain, an emotional outburst is expected, but not a revolution. Her official “Deviation” permits her to express otherwise-illegal discontent, but no one could predict it would be her key to an organization of misfits with designs on overthrowing the government.

Can she save the innocent before warring revolutions destroy them all? Only if she can do more, be more, than REFUSE.

In this irreverent, sarcastic novel, the heroine Antoinette conspires with freaks against an alien-run government bent on making all humans healthy by suppressing the expression of negative emotions. But Antoinette is an average person, with bad feelings and snarky comments and a predilection for toilet or bedroom humor.

When the fate of the solar system is in her hands, she’s on the jump, willing ot make love to as many lesbian alien octopuses as she must. With the help of her transgender doctor and her counsellor husband, she’ll either take down the Colony or kill everyone trying. But will it be enough? Will it be on time?

Only if she can figure out exactly what she’s rebelling against and be better than the human garbage her government takes her for, better than the average woman her society believes her to be, better than the hero revolutionaries expect.

Release Day October 1st!

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 17.54.12

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About the Author

Raised on Star Trek, Dune, and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Jennifer prefers a good dose of biting social commentary in her speculative fiction, and with such influences as C. S. Friedman and Joan D. Vinge, uses gentle metaphor and a total lack of preachiness to do it. Her complex characters grow through their tense and challenging plots, through settings deliberately chosen to amplify the moral struggles we all face, but always with the assurance that you can kick back, put your feet up, and just enjoy an entertaining, funny, and haunting story if you want.

Dedicated to the craft of writing well, Jennifer and her publishing company SmartyPants Publishing, Inc. work to grow authors of all genres who share in the love of a good story well told. To this end, SmartyPants maintains a learning site, critique group, and a host of upcoming projects including novels, anthologies, and a self-publishing and hybrid-publishing forum

It is Jennifer’s work in life to not only tell her own stories, but to help other writers tell the stories that need to be told, and to get those stories into the hands of anyone who wants them. Good stories, well told, and distributed across the globe.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 18.16.30.png

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Jennifer! If you would like to contact Jennifer directly, she is available at you can do so here.

If you would like to contact SmartyPants Publishing, you can do so here.


The Secret


TS Screen Shot.pngGenre: Suspense/Romance/Abuse/Psychological


A secret is a secret for good reason.

Kerry O’Brien has a secret so terrible it burns inside her. All she wants is to be part of a normal family, but with a step father like Bill, that is impossible.

Set in the 1970s when secrets like this were only ever whispered about, Kerry somehow keeps her humour by pretending everything is fine. Then she meets biker Tommy, and he has his own secret; one that impacts on her.

Kerry’s secret becomes harder to keep and the tell-tell signs are harder to hide. Can she keep it together? Can Tommy and Kerry get it together?

Then the worst happens and Kerry’s secret is a secret no more.

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I panicked to change the subject, and blurted, “You stole that money back and spent it on booze, didn’t you? How do you think we paid for this?”

On reflection, it was probably not the best thing to say.

The gleam in his eye snapped off and Mum and Jodie looked scared.

“Oh? And how did you pay for it?”

He knew, but I didn’t want to make him any angrier.


“I bought it,” I said, finally because I couldn’t think of anything else quick enough.

His face turned to thunder. He picked up his plate and threw it at me. “Well you can fucking-well have it then!”

I was so sick of treading on egg shells all the time. Sick of seeing Mum and Jodie constantly wearing frightened expressions. I couldn’t stop myself and sometimes I’m my own worst enemy.

“Go on then, spoil it for everyone, like you normally do,” I retorted.

He lashed out as I ducked. “You’re an ungrateful bitch!”

He then picked up my plate to throw, and stumbled. It teetered on the edge of table before smashing on the floor. More food spread over the kitchen.

I screamed.

He got to his feet as Mum and Jodie scattered. “Didn’t I give you a roof over your head?” he yelled at me.

“Haven’t I been paying for it ever since?” I yelled back.

“Kerry, for God’s sake,” Mum screamed.

Jodie was crying loudly and she couldn’t get out of the door because Bill was standing there and I could see Creepy Colin had come to see what the commotion was.

What the readers are saying:

Karen Mossman’s The Secret is the beautifully written story of high spirited, Irish-born Kerry O’Brien who struggles to walk a tightrope in her dangerous home life. Set in Manchester, England, in the 1970s, a more “innocent” time when family secrets could be even more deadly than today the cloud of secrecy over domestic abuse made it hard for victims to find a way out.
Lynne Murray

The story is gripping and interesting, the romance warm and simmering. I absolutely loved the ending, which gives the story an almost fairy tale-like feeling. All in all, it was a very enjoyable two-hour read, and I whole heartedly recommend it to fans of the genre.
S Anderson

I really enjoyed this book and I was automatically drawn into the characters world from the very first page. Tommy treats Kerry like a queen and it’s so refreshing to read a story where the man respects and truly loves the girl.
Jenna Hodge

The characters were so real and the story definitely so believable. These sort of secrets unfortunately still go on. Let’s hope others can find the strength, just like Kerry to come out the other side.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 11.37.03.png

Karen J Mossman is originally from Manchester in the UK, but has now settled into retirement with her husband of nearly 40s. She lives on Anglesey, a small Island off the North Wales coast and says, ‘Retirement means I am busier than ever as I’m able to spend more time writing. I’m also an avid book reader and blogger. When I am not working on my computer, I belong to an embroidery club where I cross stitch and also involved in Anglesey Federation of Women’s Institute. So, retirement has improved my life by enabling me to do the things that make me happy.’

Karen is very active on Social Media and you can link us with her here:

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Snow Kissed by the Billionaire

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 10.47.21Genre: Romance/Erotica


The Kissed Series kicks off in the snow! Brrrr. And then things heat up quickly!

Reed Hamilton, a home restoration expert, is more comfortable in her steel-toed boots than teetering on heels at a shopping mall. She usually kills her relationships from neglect, so she’s taken herself off the market. An unexpected assignment to evaluate a potential project in upstate New York has Reed leaving the Victorian she’s working on to meet with the client. A client she discovers spooning her from behind when she wakes up in his bed! Reed finds Mason charming, and tempting. So why not take advantage of all that HOTNESS he has going on?

An early snowstorm dumps an irresistible woman at the Mason Tate’s door. As beautiful and enticing as he finds her, career-focused Mason doesn’t do entanglements of any type. So, he proposed that while snow falls outside, they make their own heat inside, then go their separate ways with many pleasurable memories of their time together. No emotions allowed.

They both agreed. They’d be like two snowplows meeting in the night. At least that was the plan. Until that kiss.

Is it a Series?

Yes, it’s part of The Kissed series.

Is it Easy to Read?


Karen’s Book Buzz Blog

I haven’t read any books by Lizabeth Scott before but, am part of her newsletter. She is on my facebook profile and we have spoken a couple of times. I knew she wrote romance and never quite got around to reading one of her books.

When her newsletter came out, she did something in error and by way of an apology, which probably wasn’t necessary as it wasn’t a big deal, she gave away copies of her new book. So I was pleased and immediately downloaded it.

Two things I hadn’t realised about it, 1. This book contained erotica and 2. It was part of a series. I am selective with erotica. I don’t write it but, will just occasionally read it. Often though that is the story and they lack plot.

Her male hero was dashing, confident and good looking, everything you would expect. Her female lead was likable, despite the odd name, and that’s explained in the story. She was sassy and petite, in fact, both of them were quite stereotypical. But that isn’t a bad thing as long as it is written well and the characters are fully formed.

These characters are exactly that. It’s not a long read and if you like romance and erotica, then this is great series to start on. I haven’t read any of the others, but if they are up to this standard and all standalone, as I guess they are, then go ahead, you’re in for a good read.

An enjoyable book.

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Paws for a Tale

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 12.40.38.pngGenre: Anthology


All profits from this book will be donated to the SPCA, in honor of all of the wonderful things they do for abused and abandoned animals.

Eight short stories from eight indie authors. While these stories tie-in to a series or book the authors have previously published, they all stand on their own.

Michael R. Stern tells us just what God created in “Selections from The Gospel According to Saint Skeeter”.

Megan O’Russell shares the origin of one of the most enigmatic characters from her The Tethering series in “The Forgotten Gray”.

Adam Dreece tells us more about Richelle Pieman in “Snappy & Dashing”, a companion tale to his The Yellow Hoods series.

L.G. Surgeson shows us the creation of a Black River Chronicle continent in “At the Birth of Light: A Creation Myth from Another World”

J.K. Norry brings us into the world of the First Walker in “The Walker’s Way”, a companion tale to his Walking Between Worlds trilogy.

Beth Gualda shares a sweet story about what an angel can do for you during a heat wave in “Summer Snow”, featuring characters from her Moonlit Wings series.

Linda Deane tells the story of Angel, a very special cat with a very special mission, in “Ice Angel”, a selection from her Angel Cats series.

David M. Kelly shows us how a dog can keep you young in “How Much Is That Doggy?”, a selection from his Dead Reckonings and Other Stories collection.

Is it A Series?


Is it Easy To Read?


Karen’s Book Buzz Review


This is a book that’s been on my Kindle for a quite a while.  I’m a dog lover and all proceeds raised were being donated to the SPCA, so I’m pleased to have helped in some small way.

However, I expected to read dog tales and instead found myself thrown into fantasyland, many fantasy lands in fact. Worlds I had never dreamed of and people who perhaps only existed in my dreams. I’ve flown, I’ve faced devils, I’ve been hungry and I’ve done battle thinking I would die.

These talented authors all brought my dreams alive in glorious technicolor with their descriptive and wonderful tales.

What I found clever about this book is that it was aimed at two different types of readers: ones who love fantasy series, and those looking for something to thrill them. I don’t fall into either category, but what I did delight in is reading something different to my usual books.

Michael R Stern set us off with a Selection of Gospels According to Saint Skeeter with a humorous look at the beginning of creation. I was smiling throughout and at the end chuckling with amusement.

Megan O’Russell followed with The Forgotten Grey, a prequel to her book world of The Tethering Series. This was an exciting story with the promise of black magic and adventure and exactly what I meant if you are a reader falling into that second category.

Snappy and Dashing is a companion tale to Adam Dreece’s The Yellow Hoods. It’s a cross between fairy tales and modern technology. I was caught up in this one and Richelle, a tough fighter and leader had found herself trapped and caught. Very descriptively written and all I can say is, I was there.

I have heard of the fantasy series Black River Chronicles by L G Surgeson and it was a delight to be able to read At The Birth of Light: A Creation Myth from Another World. This story exploded from the pages with energy, colours and vivid description. It was the start of the world and it all happens before your very eyes.

The next story is another tie in, this time to the Walking Between Worlds Trilogy by J K Norry. This was quite an in-depth story that did lose me a little along the way. However, there is a tremendous battle scene with a Walker and the Devils, wonderfully written and presented to the reader that left me in awe. I was there, fighting that battle with him and the imagery is produced. Wow. Pretty awesome and gruesome, but simply glues your eyes to the page.

Summer Snow by Beth Gualda is described as an uplifting supernatural love story. This is the one that I became the heroine and I flew, just like in my dreams. The story ties into the Moonlit Wings series. I really enjoyed it and the love between a mortal and an angel. Real life mixing with fantasy is a great combination.

Ice Angel by Linda Dearne is a historical fantasy and takes us back to the Ice Age where tribes of people are fighting to survive. The animals wander off, the cold means they have to move into caves, and hunger strikes. Help comes in an unusual way to a young boy. Imaginatively written in an era I’ve never visited in a book before. I found it enlightening and clever with some good characters.

The final story is called How Much is That Doggy by David M Kelly and comes from the anthology called Dead Reckoning and Other Stories. I have to say this one was my favourite. Set in modern day it tells the story of an old man and dog. It has a nice clever twist to it and the ending I thought was the cleverest because I suspected the old man would give back what he was given, but nowhere was this mentioned. So whether that was my imagination or where the writer had skilfully led me, I’m unsure.

As if that wasn’t enough, each story contained some information about the author, their book series and an animal they had rescued.

Although I did find it difficult to read at times, this was because Fantasy is something I really read and many of these also belonged to series. This meant that I didn’t understand some of the terminology or the reference. However, I did decide to continue to the end and there were lots of elements in this book that I did enjoy and I’m sure if you are a fantasy reader, you will really love.

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Holding on to Hurt

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 10.39.53

Genre: Family/Psychological/Drama


Irene Hurt’s life is perfect and she cherishes every moment with her son and her husband, until … the day she gets the call every mother dreads. Her son, Scottie is injured in a mass school shooting and is rushed to the ICU, where he’s put into a medically induced coma to wait out his fate. Devastated, her husband pulls away and even tries to convince Irene to remove Scottie’s life support, to save his son from a life of lesser existence. But, Irene refuses to give up hope.

On her journey through grief, denial, anger and finally, acceptance, Irene discovers more about the events of that tragic day, the boy who shot her son and then took his own life, and the husband she thought she knew and could trust. Will Scottie pull through? Or, will Irene accept that sometimes, the best thing a mother can do for her child is let go?

Set in the darkest hours of winter in Seattle, Holding on to Hurt tells the gripping story of one mother’s fight to keep her son alive, no matter what she has to sacrifice.

Is It A Series?


Is It Easy to Read?


Karen’s Book Buzz Review

The author decided to give away some copies of her book in a Facebook post and being a sucker for books, I said yes, before I’d even read the description! Some authors you can do that with, can’t you?

I read the description above and it isn’t the normal book I would read, and the reviews did suggest a hankie was needed. I never watch weepy films and wouldn’t normally read a weepy book either. But I started to read this and was drawn into the story.

We’ve all seen news items about mass shootings and they touched the author’s heart, as they do with many people. Ms. Roth was compelled to write about it and imagining what it must be like to be caught up in a situation like that.

Heartrending for sure. The story gives the reader a chance to experience it through the eyes of one family and its painful read.  The book title is very clever and not what you think either. I shall let you find that out when you read it.

Told in the first person by Irene, she lives every mother’s nightmare. We watch the fragmenting of her family and the strong emotions it causes. I’m not going to give away any of the story in this review, but it’s suffice to say there are some surprises, some twists and some turns along the way. I found it fascinating to read about the family who pull together in times of crisis and how the dynamics of what they were and experienced in the past all play a big part in coming together.

Charlotte Roth could very well let loose with an over-emotive and perhaps repetitive story but no, she writes extremely well and deals with sensitive issues. It will certainly make you sit back and think.

So, if you are looking for something different from boy meets girl, aliens landing, werewolves, and vampire’s biting, or even the paranormal, then read this book. You won’t be sorry.

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