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Electric Eclectic is a global marketing brand and aimed to introduce you to new authors. All EE books are priced the same at £1/$1 and the most interesting things about them is that they are novellas and can be anything up to 20K words. This means they are ideal for that train journey, beach read, or you just want a quick read to entertain you.

Electric Eclectic books are growing all the time, currently we have six authors and more than 14 titles.

Electric Eclectic is a great way to find your ‘next favourite book’ and ‘new authors’ to follow. So why not treat yourself to an Electric Eclectic book and see for yourself.

Please add any or all of these titles on to your Goodreads To Read shelf and let everyone know about these unique reads.

Dark at the Top of the Stairs – Elizabeth Newton Horton
Chantilly Lace by Ian Welch
North to Maynard by Paul White
One Christmas by Karen J Mossman
Miriam’s Hex by Paul White
Ambergris by Rush Learming
Seed Money by Neil Douglas Newton
Three Floors Up by Paul White
Old Habit by Elizabeth Newton Horton
Operation Debt Recovery by Ian Welch
Distant Time b y Karen J Mossman
Mechanical Mike by Paul White
Chaconne by Neil Douglas Newton
April Showers by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Visit the website where you can read more about the novelettes and the authors themselves.  There is also a forum where you can talk to the authors if you wish. Subscribe for updates here so when a new book is released, you will be notified immediately.  If you are a writer who is interested in joining, please contact us.

Be sure to give the Electric Eclectic Facebook page a like too.

I have two books to date under the EE brand. One Christmas came out in December 2017 and Distant Time, an exciting Science Fiction story arrived on the bookshelves in January 2018. You can read more about them by following the links to the Magic of Stories website.

It will be an exciting year for Electric Eclectic as many more books are being released.



What is an Electric Eclectic book for an author?  Author Paul White explains his brain child.




Broken Empire

Banner2 (2)


Soldier. Traitor. Savior.

In an empire where political power is everything, Captain Timothy Val wants one thing: to serve his empire with honor and distinction. But after a mission to quell a revolt goes terribly wrong, Timothy is branded a traitor and barely escapes with his life. His only hope of regaining his lost honor and clearing his family name rests in the hands of a senator planning to use him as the face of a revolution.

With an intergalactic war looming and civil unrest spreading through the empire, Timothy must tread carefully. Assassins wait around every corner, and his new allies have made him powerful enemies, enemies that may not be entirely Human.
To save the empire, Timothy will have to betray every oath he’s ever taken.

broken empire

Aftermath: Chapter One excerpt…


E.A. Copen is a prolific speculative fiction author living in beautiful Southeast Ohio with her three kids, three cats, a dog, and a husband. She writes everything from space opera to weird west and all the strange genre mashups in between. When she’s not chained to her keyboard working on her next novel, she enjoys exploring old graveyards and other creepy places. On weekends, you can find her time traveling with her SCA friends, at least until she saves up enough money to leave the Shire and become a Jedi.

(Like E.Copen’s facebook page for a chance to win this exciting novel in e-book format.)

Aftermath: Chapter One excerpt…


E.A. Copen is a prolific speculative fiction author living in beautiful Southeast Ohio with her three kids, three cats, a dog, and a husband. She writes everything from space opera to weird west and all the strange genre mashups in between. When she’s not chained to her keyboard working on her next novel, she enjoys exploring old graveyards and other creepy places. On weekends, you can find her time traveling with her SCA friends, at least until she saves up enough money to leave the Shire and become a Jedi.






Hey Everyone!! 🙂

I’ve got exciting news for you, today!  Taken By The Huntsman is on sale for only 99 cents from December 20th through the 26th! It’s been a couple of years since I dropped the price that low, and I don’t know when I’ll do it again. So, if you don’t already have a copy, now’s the time to click on the link below and grab one! 🙂

If you already have a copy, but know a friend who might enjoy an adult fairy tale, why not give them a copy? After all, ebooks make fantastic stocking-stuffers! Need a last minute gift for someone you forgot to shop for and don’t want to brave the crowds in the stores? Here you go! And it will be in your inbox in minutes. Did you get someone a new Kindle as a gift? Well, don’t give it to them empty! Here’s an inexpensive way to give them their first taste of Kindle reading.

Also, the whole series is available through Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re a member you can read it for free! Happy Holidays!!

Excerpt from Taken By The Huntsman:

Jumping to his feet, he caused his Anamchara to back up a step. The look in his eyes was dangerous, and she was suddenly unsure of herself. He stalked towards her with all the liquid grace of the predator that he was, and she retreated until she found herself backed against a wall.

She looked up into his face and saw that his green eyes were glowing. Leaning towards her, he put his hands on the wall on both sides of her, caging her within his embrace. Unaccountably, she found herself getting aroused and was horrified. How could she be turned on at such a time?

Cadeyrn scented Cassieís growing desire and a snarl trickled from between his lips. He opened his mouth to better catch the scent, and Cassie saw that his canines seemed to have lengthened. She gasped.

The Erlking lowered his face to her neck and inhaled deeply. Cassie ducked her head. Her heart was beating a mile a minute, but she felt an answering throb for each pulse from between her legs. Moisture gathered as her arousal grew, and she rubbed her thighs together. Her breath caught as she raised her hands and put them against his chest. She didnít push him away, but she kept them there as a barrier.

He skimmed his lips up the side of her throat, teasing her with the tips of his fangs. Breathing into her ear, he whispered, ìThis is what I mean when I say you enjoy being chased. You are excited to be pursued and aroused by being trapped. Do you dare deny this, when the scent of your desire hangs so heavily on you?î

Cassie shuddered as Cadeyrn nipped her earlobe and caressed it with his tongue. Gasping, she felt her knees wobble. When she tried to swallow, her mouth was too dry.



Fixtures and Fittings

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 09.59.50Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Romance


Book two in the fabulous Blackwood Clan saga, Fixtures & Fittings is Marcus’s story

Rich, handsome, sophisticated, Marcus Blackwood has it all. Then tragedy turns his perfect life upside down, leaving him sole guardian of his young niece. Traumatised into selective muteness, Megan needs more than Marcus believes he can give her, but, what she needs most of all, is a home.
Searching for the perfect house, instead Marcus finds Grace Lovejoy, an eccentrically hippy, single parent. Grace and her children are being forced to sell their beloved home. Using the connection between Megan and the Lovejoys, Marcus struggles to bring his little niece back from a very dark place.
And then there’s Grace … the complete antithesis to everything he’s ever looked for in a woman. There’s also a connection, a bond between them, that Marcus can’t explain and is not even sure he wants.
And all the time, the deadly consequences of trying to break through Megan’s muteness creep ever closer…
Sometimes, you have to choose, what to keep and what to leave behind…
A heart-warming, romantic read, interspersed with real edge-of-the-seat action, Fixtures & Fittings is one book you’ll want to keep forever

Is it A Series?

Yes, the first book is called Lost and Found, reviewed here

Is It Easy to Read?


Karen Book Buzz Review

Having read the first book, I was really interested to see what this was going to be like. I knew I would enjoy it as I liked the author’s writing style and story telling.

I wasn’t disappointed. Julia Blake wove a wonderful tale of a house and its occupants. Suddenly the book’s cover and title fell into place. It had everything I loved in a story; intrigue, romance, drama and great characters. There was even a little joke running throughout regarding the twins. I’ll let you discover that.

It was interesting to see how the people from the first book made an appearance as minor characters. At this point, I must say, you don’t have to read the first book first, as this is a completely separate story.

Because I read so many books, I appreciate it when they are shorter ones. My Kindle told me this was just under 4 hours of reading time.

However, now and again you read a something and realise its coming to an end, and you’re not done with it the characters yet. For me, it was over too soon. I wanted more of the romance between Marcus and Grace; more of their discovery of each other. I’d also liked to have been involved in the ‘doing up’ of the house. I’d already wondered whether they would have to move out first and how they would feel about the changes. They were some great descriptions of how run down it had become and how loved it was. As a reader I’d bought into this house and would have liked to have seen its rebirth.

As some point it was said that Grace was hiding under her appearance. Marcus, too, said it took time to see the real Grace who was buried under her quirkiness. I would have like to have seen her emerge as a duckling to a swan.

Grace’s daughter, Zoey was an interesting character. She sensed things. She knew when she awoke one morning that the day was going to end badly. She also sensed her bees wouldn’t hurt her, and it made me wonder if there as a little paranormal there and what kind of a story that would make.

The author is writing more books about different members of the Blackwood family, and I believe she can write a book in a fortnight. So the upside is we don’t have to wait too long for them.

If a book leaves you wanting more, then its done its job. This one certainly did that.



The Misadventures of a Dating Delia

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 12.59.14

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: February 2, 2018


Delia has a bit of a problem.
You see, in college, in a moment fueled by youth and tequila, she made a pact with a guy. One that said if neither were married by a certain age, they’d marry each other.Delia’s now a successful career woman, one who’s desperate to keep from marrying a stranger. Especially one just so happens to be an unemployed gaming nerd living in his mother’s basement.

So Delia’s best friend comes up with a plan for Delia to try every type of dating imaginable. Group dates, blind dates, online dating, speed dating. It’s all part of the official Delia’s Dating plan to find Mr. Right. But the plan quickly falls apart as each date bombs more hilariously than the last, leaving Delia to run for her sanity.

Will Delia find Mr. Right before it’s too late, or will she end up as Mrs. Mortimer P. Floyd after all?


“Why did he lie about his profile picture? Did you ask?”
   “I mentioned it and he just confessed to exaggerating.” Delia shrugged. “But if he’ll make up something as silly as his profile picture, what else will he lie about?”
   “True enough.” BB waited a beat. “Can we talk about the car now?”
   “The car. Oh, my God the car. It’s all he talked about. All evening. I could cite statistics on the damn thing, right down to how he picked the color. It took him two weeks to decide on it, in case you’re interested.”
   “I wasn’t.”
   “Me neither.” Sliding a look over to her friend, Delia felt her mouth quirk up at the corner. “You really want to make fun of his car now, don’t you?”
   “I really do.”
   “Well, I already asked him where the rest of it was and if it would grow up to be a real Ferrari.”
   “You didn’t.”
   “I did. Think it kind of hurt his feelings.” Delia smiled as BB let out a bark of laughter.
   “Did you ask him about the clowns?”
   “Damn.” BB took a sip from her glass as she pondered. “And I’m going to assume since his scintillating car talk almost put you in a coma, you didn’t get to check out his package.”
   “Beebs!” More amused than appalled, Delia chuckled.
   “Well, it would have been interesting to know if everything in his life was on a smaller scale.”
   “Stop.” Delia choked on laughter and wine. “You’re going to kill me.”
   “I’ll bet it was. Small, I mean. Did he walk with a cocky – haha – swagger? Like he was swinging some serious meat?”
   “Oh, dear Lord.” Unable to control herself, Delia set her glass aside to keep from spilling it as she began to double over in laughter.
   “I’ll just bet he did.” Grinning into her glass, BB continued her roll. “I mean, a man can’t drive a car like that without being comfortable with other aspects of his life being smaller.”
   “Hmmm.” Fanning herself, Delia pretended to give the matter some thought. “You know, you may be right.”
   “He did spend an awful lot of time and energy polishing it tonight.” Delia’s grin grew wicked as BB choked on her wine. “The car, I mean.”
  “Well played.”

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Christmas Shorts

The Readers Review Room have featured some great Christmas stories to read. The best thing is they are all no more than a 1000 words long. So quick reads if you are short of time.

Come back here and let me know which are your favourites. So far I really enjoyed Coming Home for Christmas by Helen Pryke.

Look out for my contribution, Home For Christmas.

Thankful For Historical Romance

I love books and I love Kindle Unlimited, where you can select a book and download for free.

Americans love Thanksgiving and, who wouldn’t? In the UK we don’t celebrate that holiday and I grew up knowing about it from the films I watched. I didn’t know when or what it was at that time. Now with the advent of the Internet, and my many Facebook friends, I realise just what a special occasion it is.

So, as I mentioned, books, KU, together with historical romances are all things I love, and it seemed fitting I share with you. In this category, I’ve included The Secret. Although it isn’t what you’d generally call historical, it is set 40 years ago and to some people that is history!

So without further to do, may I introduce history at its finest with Electively Paige.

Historical Romance.png