First Impressions

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 09.53.46Genre: Romance


A witty modern-day take on an Austen classic.

Can you ever get a second chance at making a first impression?

Lottie, Ellie and Jenny are three young women looking for love. Their dating prospects at church are a motley bunch at best. Then into the picture comes the charming Nathaniel, his perfectionist brother Jake and their hapless cousin Chris. Throw in intrigue caused by family and friends past and present, and the course of true love will have a very hard time running smooth. Or anywhere at all.

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Nathaniel jovially dug his brother in the ribs. ‘Wow, come on, Jake. You’ve got a face like a bag of spanners. Why don’t you get out there and strut your stuff, man?’
Jake sighed noisily (just enough to catch Ellie’s attention).
‘Yeah, right. With whom?”
Nathaniel sniggered at Jake’s response. Yep, even now, when they were meant to be kicking back and partying, his brother still insisted on proper grammar.
Whom, eh? Hm. I thought I was the short-sighted one…’ He waggled his spectacles for full effect. Jake did not seem impressed at Nathaniel’s levity.
‘Yes, haha. Very funny.’
‘That’s why I’m the wit of the family.
Jake allowed himself a small smirk as he finally rose to the bait. ‘Spelled with a silent ‘t’ at the start.’
Nathaniel gave him a retaliatory thump on the arm. Jake gave a wince and laughed. But Nathaniel was not going to give him an easy ride this evening. He was enjoying himself and was determined to see that his truculent older brother and intensely over-enthusiastic cousin also had some fun.
‘Jake, I refuse to leave you holding the wall up like some stupid, well, wallflower!’ Nathaniel eagerly searched the room and quickly found Chris displaying his devastating charm on any woman who couldn’t run away fast enough.
‘Look, Chris is getting on fine.’ Then he caught sight of their hapless cousin. Chris was trying to edge his way into a dancing circle of girls, only to have them close ranks like offended quicksand. Nathaniel continued with only the briefest pause. ‘Hang on, hold that thought. Perhaps he isn’t. But that’s not the point, Jake! He’s getting out there and he’s living the dream.’
‘More like a nightmare, Nathaniel. I know I never pranced around like that when I was an R.M.’
‘Lovely story. Tell it to your grandchildren. If you ever have any. Oh, for goodness’ sake, man! Just get out there. Make some friends. You don’t have too many of those, do you? We’re only here this evening. Go talk to some girls – just do something!
Jake blanched in genuine horror at the suggestion. ‘Oh, you can forget that one for a start, matey boy.’
‘Now what?’
‘No way, Nathaniel.’
‘If Chris can do it, you can do it. And trust me, if Chris can do it, you can definitely do it.’
Jake simply groaned. ‘Look, you were dancing with the only really nice girl in the room. Go on, you go and be Prince Charming, and leave me be.’
But Nathaniel refused to give up. He pointed Ellie out to Jake. She was sitting alone, smiling to herself as she watched everyone. She was also discreetly eavesdropping on their conversation.
Nathaniel nudged his brother again and nodded towards Ellie. ‘How about her? She’s really nice, friendly. Plus, she’s gorgeous!’
‘Her? She’s alright, I guess. I’m hardly likely to dance with one of Chris’s rejects though, am I?’
On hearing this, Ellie’s expression of amused serenity changed into one of restrained outrage. She got up and brushed herself down in a very precise manner. She then marched off with all the self-control she could muster. Wait till Lottie and Jenny hear this!
Unfortunately, as she walked away, she didn’t catch Nathaniel’s next comment.
‘Seriously? She’s easily as lovely as Jenny. Bright, witty…’
‘Jenny, eh? You’re not exactly backwards in coming forwards, are you? First name terms already.’
‘Jake, I love you like a brother. I have to. You are my brother. But sometimes though, you know what? Just sometimes, I wonder if you were swapped at birth… Now go!’

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Released 18th July 2018 o- Amazon

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Author Bio

Theadshot croppedhérésa Hedges is a Welsh writer, living with her husband and furbaby in a seaside town on the South Wales coast. She is one of the writers with Pict Publishing, a company specialising in female authors.

She originally trained as a psychologist then (when the Ghostbusters thing didn’t work out) she went into teaching. All the while, she was writing, initially working on screenplays before moving on to be an award-winning playwright. She continues to work as a playwright/screenwriter, and recently completed work on the short “Like Glass”.

In 2015, Thérésa published her debut novel, the science-fiction thriller “Our Little Miracle”. 2016 saw the release of “Diary Of An Everyday Vampire”, and the story of a very different vampire – “Dominic”.

Her style is very visual, poetic, and has been described as “like Classic Gothic fiction of the best kind”.

She has a penchant for writing strong, independent female characters as can be seen in all her books, including the latest book “Trash”. Her latest book, “First Impressions” (inspired by her all-time favourite Austen novel) continues very much in this vein.

Thérésa describes herself as being ‘multi-lingual, hyperactive and outdoorsy’. She is also an actress, singer, and is learning to play the guitar. She is currently working on “Fortior Concordia”, the long awaited second book in the ‘Dominic’ saga. She jokes that if/when anyone makes a film of Dominic, she’d like to play his friend James’s formidable Aunt Melissa, please!

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The Venom Protocols

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 18.51.26.pngGenre: Thriller


From the award winning author of The N Days

“You should have left me alone.”

Charlotte Corday was once called the most dangerous woman on the planet by the FBI until she retired. But it’s not so easy to remain retired when the past is determined to drag her back into the hell she wanted to leave behind her.

To uncover the origins of the mysterious Valkyrie program, Charlotte fights through her own dark past, dredged up by those determined to keep her out of retirement… or out of the business permanently… and to find solace in her own razor blade filled mind.

Her own words—her own warning—will come to haunt them.

They should have listened.



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Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 19.10.22

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Joanna’s Journey

Book1Ebook.jpgGenre: Romanctic Suspense


Most girls just want to find their one true love. Sisters, Joanna and Sandie are no exception.

While Joanna falls for rock singer Niko, Sandie’s choice leaves Joanna reeling and causes a rift in their relationship.

Niko’s music always comes first, and Joanna accepts being second best. She promises never to ask anything from him. But when she becomes entangled in a violent shooting she finds herself lost, frightened and alone.

Will Niko stand by her side or will he choose the path to stardom?

Set in the 80s with a soundtrack of music and fashion, Joanna’s Journey travels a road where sometimes love is not enough.

Free to download 10th – 14th June

– also available on Kindle Unlimited –

Karen’s Book Buzz Thoughts on her own book

One day back in 1984 I was watching what was once called The Montreaux Rock Festival and a young man I’d never heard of came on to sing Guardian Angel and I was mesmerised. From then on an idea began to form in my head and eventually, Joanna’s Journey was born.

Several rewrites, two new covers and a name change, this book is one I’m very proud of. When I originally finished the book, I knew that the ending was not quite right and Joanna’s heart belonged somewhere else. The second book Joanna’s Destiny is now available to order. So take advantage of the free download and then if you want more, Joanna’s Destiny is there for you.


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The Orb

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.49.05.pngGenre: Horror/Occult


The Orb is a fast-paced, urban action, speculative fantasy adventure.

After stealing the Orb from the Librarians, she is on her way to meet the Cardinal who has promised to pay fifty thousand pounds to lay his hands on the Orb.
But the Librarians what their treasure back and are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that happens.
However, they are not the only ones chasing the Orb. Both the Paladin and Mamluk would like the opportunity to taste the secret powers the Orb holds.
They and others are going to make her journey north a very interesting road trip.

Karen’s Book Buzz Review

I don’t think I would describe this book as a horror/occult tale. More like a thriller with a touch of paranormal.

Fast paced, urban epic is definitly a description I would use because the pace began at an exciting run.  It seemed to be set in the future, a future I would have liked to have known more about. It’s told in the first person and I’d assumed it was male as the author was. We never learn the main character’s name and it was a bit of suprise to find out she was female. More exciting, if you like.

The Orb itself, was a curious thing and we only saw a little of its power. I wanted more. What else would she discover it could do. The book felt like it was a taster for something bigger, more epic, and if it turned out that way, I would would be the first to buy it.

A great story for such a quick read.

Add it to your Goodread shelf.

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This book is part of the Electric Eclectic brand of books and they are all shorter reads. Particularly good if you love reading but don’t have a lot of time. I read this in an evening. It is also a good way to find new authors.

As Electric Eclectic books are designed to introduce you to new others, I present Carved Wooden Heart by the author. She can weave a good tale and all of them so different.



See One – Read One

Today I am bringing you something different. As you know I love books and especially helping to promote Indie authors.

On Facebook we have a group called the Author Train Depot and it gives us a chance to share our books. So as not to outshine each other, all our blurb is the same length and our book covers are the same size. So you can simply see one – read one.

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DownbytheRiver Cover

Down by the River, an Electric Eclectic novelette. Inspired by Richard Marx’s Hazard.
Author: Karen J Mossman

Shelby returns home to find her missing friend. Soon as she arrives, she knows somethings wrong. What is Mary-Jo’s boyfriend hiding? Why does the sheriff think he’s guilty and why is her Pa still sober?

Down by the River




Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 10.03.24


W to M of Self-Publishing: Why do Indie Authors Fail?
Author: Prakash Vir Sharma

Genre: Non-fiction (Advice and How to)

What if you know how to hit #1 Bestseller rank on Amazon without paid promotions?

W to M of Sef Publishing




Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 10.03.50

Bitter Prophecy
by S. Tilghman Hawthorne

Genre: Fantasy

Description: Gef’s unsavory past enslaved him to the rule of the Priests.

Their Vision dooms Merrith. Will Gef be able to save her?

Or will he deliver this innocent child to a terrible fate?

The destiny of all depends on his decisions!

Bitter Prophery




Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 10.04.04 A Sorry Affair
by Kirsten Nairn.
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Description: Contemporary romance. Jen and Mack are the perfect couple who have it all, but Mack finds himself drawn to Abbi sending him on a downward spiral which has a devastating effect on everyone’s lives. Is this the end for Jen and Mack?

A Sorry Affair






Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 10.04.35

Old Baggage, Never Too Late for a New Beginning
By: Toni Kief
Genre: Fiction –Women’s Fiction

Elizabeth Donovan finally had enough, and struck back. Pickles on the floor to more than a bus ride. Libby faces her secret and stumbles into a mystery that had haunted her life. Coming of age isn’t just for the young.

Old Baggage




PScreen Shot 2018-05-25 at 10.09.37roduction Values
Author: Liv Bartlett
Genre: Women’s Fiction

Description: In her first year flying solo as producer on a BBC sleeper hit, Kat risks everything to hire mega-star, Ian Graham. Her heart, business, and friendships embark on a crash course as Ian twists Kat into a chameleon fit for success.

Production Values




Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 10.03.38


No Reception
Author: Maisie Porter
Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Description: Zody, a wedding photographer, receives anonymous death threats. Helena befriends Zody, but ultimately wants to be her. Gradually she tries to take over her life. Their lives intertwine in a way neither could have foreseen.

No Reception

Royal Wedding


Wasn’t yesterday a great day? Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Romance by a dashing Prince is just what fairy tales are about. Windsor Castle as a backdrop and mounted soldiers displaying swords are so typically British.

Like King Arthur and his Knights? Then you will love Erinsmore. Julia Blake’s story also tells of a dashing Prince, swords fights and romance.

Ruby and her sister Cassie find a prophercy stone in a Cornish antique shop. They missed the Royal Wedding, but Erinsmore is everything Ruby wished for – an escape from her life. She didn’t expect the battle that followed or the evil creatures extracting souls from their victims.

Evil warlock Lorcan is brining Erinsmore to it’s knees. Are Ruby and Cassie the two talked about in the prophercy. Can they help save Erinsmore.


Add Erinsmore to your Goodreads shelf and help spread the word. Any reblogs or shares would be great.



At The End of The Summer

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 14.51.07Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction


Joshua’s life as a rock guitarist seems like a dream come true. Sold out concerts, red carpet events and wild nights portray him as a confident young man with the world at his feet. Only few friends know the scars he carries.
When freelance photographer Caroline meets the rock band Burning Ruins at the after party, an irresistible chemistry of attraction between her and the sexy rock guitarist is clearly seen to everybody. However, after a forced conversation from Joshua’s side, Caroline’s convinced the attraction is not mutual.
Waking up the next morning, Caroline has no idea what happened. She flees out of the hotel room mortified, convinced she’d become another of the band’s trophies. Determined never to meet anyone from Burning Ruins ever again, she has no clue people around her have different ideas.
In a summer that takes them from London to Wales and to the sultry heat of Rome, they’re desperately fighting their demons from the past, while trying to protect their broken hearts. Will they ever let each other mend their broken hearts or will they try to heal them alone?

Karen’s Book Buzz Review

I was given this as an ARC to read and review ahead of its publication. (Advanced Reader Copy) It sounded just the sort of story I would like – and it was . There is something alluring about rock stars, especially when they fall in love – just the getting there is exciting and to be caught up in the music and concerts is a great way to pass a few hours of reading bliss.

It was the story of two friends Julia and Caroline and they both live with Caroline’s Auntie Nan, who brought her up after her dad remarried. Caroline is very bitter about her father and his new family and how he betrayed her mother. But of course, things are not always as they seem.

Julia, has two childhood friends who went on to form a band, and they are the rock group the book is based around.

Joshua is very handsome and it is easy to see why Caroline falls in love with him. As with all good romances, theirs doesn’t run smoothly.

The story treats us to a bit of globe trotting from romantic Italy to beautiful Wales as the story twists and turns with a lot of great characters. Photography was what Caroline was really good at, which of course, means she can take photos of the band and it brings her into contact with Joshua.

If you are looking for one of those stories to lose yourself in, with lots of fully formed characters, exotic places, music, and love, then At the End of the Summer is perfect.

The is a great finale to this book – look out for the concert scene when Joshua sings to Caroline.

The only thing I struggled with was that instead of having one, or perhaps two character viewpoints, the reader is in everybody’s head. This was sometimes a bit confusing as the viewpoint sometimes changed line by line.

But all in all this will be a great summer read for you to enjoy now – so don’t wait until the end of the summer!

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I also reviewed June Moonbridges wonderful Caught Between Two Worlds – take a look what I had to say.

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