Rising Fire

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Civilization will fall.

The Union are marching. They’re hungry, desperate, and winter is coming. On the other side of the wall, the rich and privileged hold all the power, but that is about to change.

Charlie Smith is tired of fighting, and of being hunted. After his family’s murder, he seeks meaning for his life. When he hears about the Union, he realizes that this is his chance. It’s time to make a stand for what’s right.

As the institute closes in and civil war is about to erupt, sacrifices have to be made. But not everyone is going to make it out alive.

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Karen’s Book Buzz Review

This is the fourth book in the series and have read every one. I’ve waited a long time for this to come out and wasn’t disappointed. I loved it! I went back to look at the review for the first one and remembered how I still don’t know what happened to Charlie’s leg or whether there was a story about his wife and daughter’s death. Each are alluded to in all books. Perhaps I missed it, although I don’t know where.

Love the Reachers, love who they are, and what they do. I loved the brothers, John and Charlie, and the way they related to one another and how different they were. Roxy was still with them, and Rachel too. It was good to see her going back to visit Mark and them reconciling. I always suspected Mark wasn’t that bad.

I felt the cold and the hunger oozing from the pages as it added atmosphere to a place that had gone terrible wrong.

Something happens, which I won’t reveal, and literally made my jaw drop. I hadn’t seen that coming regading John, and thought it was such a clever twist by the author.

All I can say about the end is that I was devastated, both at what happened and because I’d reached the end of the story.

John and Charlie were always clear in my mind right from the moment I read the first story. I found myself going back to those images as I read this one. I don’t know where they came from but Charlie Sheen and Dominic Monahan were the faces I imagined for the characters.

Charlie Smith                                    John Smith

I really hope there will another book in the series.

Book 1 – The Running Game
Book 2 – Borderlines
Book 3 – Every Storm Breaks

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Do you know what an Indie author is?

I’m sure you do, and we all take it for granted everyone knows what and who an Indie author is.

Recently, I gave a talk to a group of ladies and asked them the same question, already knowing what their answer would be. Imagine my surprise when the majority of people said no. It then occured how I frequent two worlds, online and reality.

In the latter, people are impressed you are a writer. They will happily buy a paperback and are interestered in what you say. In the online world readers are very different, they download books and not interested in paperbacks. Neither are they impressed you being a writer because so is everyone else is. You are not unique, you are just one of many.

For those reasons, I believe we should be treating the two differently.

We need to address the question about Indie authors and once I explained to the group what an Indie author was, the next question was, “How do we find them?”

There is no central point; nothing on Amazon that says this book is published by an independent author, so what would you do?

Well, send them to Amazon and put Electric Eclectic Books in the search bar. It also works in Google and on Goodreads. Launched in November 2017 by author Paul White, the brand has grown and grown. It originally started out as offereing novelettes to find your new favourite author but now offers novels too.

Or just head over to their website and find a genre that you would enjoy, choose a novelette, and if you like the writing style go on to read their novels. There is a lot of choice, and a lot of great Indie authors just waiting to be discovered!

When I told Paul White about this, he thought process set to work and he wrote an interesting blog article about Indie and Readers. Head over and give it a read.

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Visit the website

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I’ve read lots of these books, visit here to see a list of reviews.

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Just Rose by L.T. Marshall

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 17.09.02Description

The unexpected death of Rose’s beloved aunt ends up being a driving force in her uneventful life. She gives up her lonely, unfulfilled big city existence for the country home and life from cherished childhood memories.

But can it live up to them?

All she wants is to find her place in the world; the happiness and independence she has been searching for. With her little dog Muffin by her side and a much needed new friend, it does seem possible – until an encounter with the handsome local Laird of the Munro Estate sends her spiralling from young professional woman to hormonal bundle of goo.

Their chemistry is undeniable, but with him not seemingly on the market, this might not be the place for her after all.

Thrust into the world of country living, will Rose ever find true love?

In this roller coaster of emotions and a whole lot of country charm, one thing is for sure: Rose is certainly not going to be bored anymore!

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Karen’s Book Buzz Review

I’m fairly sure I downloaded this book because it was free. I’ve never read any of L.T. Marshall’s books but as she is part of Pict Authors, I know her from there. For some reason I thought this was a short read and came across it on my Kindle when I was between books. I had a quick glance, and a quick read of the first page to see if I felt like it.

Well, it was so easy to read that I immediately knew I would just keep going. However, I was wrong, this was not a quick read. In fact it was just the opposite at 656 pages. I’m not a fan of big books as a rule but just kept going. There were times when I skipped over some paragraphs and other times where I just devoured every word.

I went through several emotions reading this. How do write about a romance where two people just love each other without it becoming boring? Well, ask L.T. Marshall. Usually it is the chase, the conflict, and the getting together before the end of the book. Just Rose was so much more. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Rose not being a fiesty, strong female. I’m used to heroines  being stong. In real life though, it isn’t always like that. Rose, when she can’t deal with a situation, especially when it involved the gorgeous Rob, just had a melt down of tears. There were lots of tear tantrums, and after a while I got used to that side of her character.

She had a lovely sort of life after inheriting a pretty little cottage from her Aunt. She decorated it and made it cosy. As a talented illutrator,  she worked from home and loved pink, had beautiful dresses and drove a pink car. The village she lived in was quaint with a super bakery that made the most delicious bread and cakes. (And she didn’t appear to put on weight!) I found myself begining to envy Rose’s life. I wanted to be Rose, and I could be her be in the pages of this story!

Then she meet the handsome Rob, who has fire in his eyes when his emotions smoulded. He was the laird of the manor, everyone knew him and his family. Abby, his sister, becomes her best friend. They have girly nights and days together. There are parties in which Rose becomes hopelessly drunk, and you are with her every step of the way! There is more than one party, and both girls enjoy a drink as they dance and flirt and have a really good time. Oh the hangovers! I just loved it!

Rob Munro, what a man – not perfect – he has a temper, but it only made him more adorable, and the sex! That was fun, and I might add none of it was graphic, most, if not all was left to the imagination and the details, (do we really need to know?) are glossed over. Instead, words of love are used and I liked that, it was clever, considering they made use of every surface in the house!!

A number of times I thought the story was drawing to a close and each time my kindle said another two or three hours of reading left. What could the author possibly write about now? Rose and Rob were together and madly in love, Abby was also in a relationship. There were lots of minor characters, all of which were interesting, not to  mention the mad girlfriend. She is he crux of the story.

Sigh, such a great story, such great characters. I was the lady of the manor and money was no object. She could have her own credit card in which she was told to max them out. She had a manor to decorate. She could spend whatever she wanted, sigh. I can’t imagine my husband saying that.

I’m so glad I didn’t know it was a big book because I probaby wouldn’t have read it – and I’d have missed out, big time.

Don’t you miss out on this fabulous story. Scroll back up for the link and if you are in Kindle Unlimited, it is free to download.

Other books by the author can be found her on Amazon. Don’t forget to hit the follow button.


Cover Reveal – Beloved Titanian

By Victoria Saccenti




He’s a riddle I can’t solve…until one night rips away the veil.

I always felt there was something peculiar about Roald Trenton, that behind his blindness he saw me better than I saw myself. When a frightening creature, a being out of a horror movie attacks me, a glowing silvery defender comes to my rescue, sweeping me away to safety, reaching inside me and pulling the poison from by body. Setting fire to my desires, he ignites a connection to a world I knew nothing about…until now.

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A gentle swinging motion soothed me. Strong arms holding my body reassured me. I slipped out of unconscious darkness, and the familiar surroundings of my bedroom comforted me. I glanced up, and the handsome face studying me with such a loving expression was the man in my dreams.

Somehow, I’d been transported from the site where a deadly battle took place to my fantasy place. The space where my imagination was released and my deepest, most intimate feelings were explored without shyness or shame. In this plane, my beautiful man and I joined and loved until daylight broke the spell.

“Do you hurt, älskling?”

He speaks, I marveled in my daze.

My dreams were full of feverish caresses, wild kisses, passionate tumbles, daring erotic positions, but we never exchanged a word. Rather, we intuited our desires, shared thoughts in our minds. His voice was deep, musical, and…familiar.

“I do not hurt. Not with you.” I touched his cheekbone, then ran my finger to the crease of his full lips. His eyes gleamed with pleasure.

With great care, he deposited me on the bed. A blue-black lock fell over his forehead. I had a fleeting moment of recognition, a detail I should remember. I hung on to it…then let it go.

“This was my fault.” He scowled.

“No. How?”

“I chased a fake trail. They’ll never fool me again.” The mattress shifted under his weight as he sat next to me. He engulfed my hand between his. “You were so brave.”

“I was not. I couldn’t push him away.”

“Not in your present state.” He kissed my fingertips, and I thought I would melt. “Regardless, you fought him. Soon you’ll have the power, and you’ll be unconquerable.”

Hmmm. Power? Present state? Unconquerable?

Whatever. I only wanted one thing. Him.

“Kiss me. Kiss me, please.”

More to come…..

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Author Bio

Multi-genre author Victoria Saccenti picked up pencil and paper when her childhood book heroes started conversing with her. Sounds a little crazy, but there’s no rhyme or reason for inspiration. Back then, she wrote one-act plays and fairy tales for simple amusement. Today—many…many moons later—her playful stories have grown into romantic women’s fiction, paranormal, and contemporary romances with a sharp edge.

In 2018, her novel “Destiny’s Choice” book two of the “Destiny Series” hit the Amazon Best Selling list. In 2019, “Noémie’s Journey,” an interracial romance set in 1968 North Carolina, received the prestigious B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree badge and won Readers’ Favorite silver medal,

Central Florida is home. She splits her busy schedule between family and her active muse at Essence Publishing. But if she could convince her husband to sell their home, she would pack up her computer and move to Scotland, a land she adores.

“Deception”, a dark erotic romance is her current work in progress, and Beloved Titanian a paranormal romance will be released soon.


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Why I wrote this book?

The Titanians story line—a unique race descendant of the doomed Titans and other magical creatures— came to me about five years ago. Back then, I couldn’t pursue the inspiration because I was heavily involved in the Destiny Series and Noémie’s Journey.

I’ve always been a lover of Greek myth, especially after my father lent me his leather-bound tome of ancient stories and myths. The first generation of gods, the Titans and Prometheus, the most prominent figure in the second generation, struck a chord with me. Most folks are familiar with the younger Olympians. They’ve received all the glory, accolades, and fame. The Titans, however, after loosing the Titanomachy, the ten-year war against the Olympians, fell into obscurity. Rarely, anyone talks or writes about them. Now that my projects are completed, I can rectify that injustice (insert a big grin) and freely explore the Titanian race.

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Portraits of Dread

Genre: Horror/Supernatural

Book Description

Portraits of Dread is a collection of 12creepy short stories ranging from horror to the supernatural and include:

Mother Called Today
A woman becomes more terrified by her mother’s constant telephone calls.

Speaking of Death

A Ghost talks about his death and why we should be all be frightened of the afterlife.

The Little Man on Top of the Wardrobe

4 year old James becomes convinced that something evil is living on top of his wardrobe.

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Lucinda Mallows visits a group of gypsies camping out at the edge of town. The townsfolk are suspicious of the new arrivals but Lucinda is determined to show a friendly face by bringing them some baked goods. While she is there she is warned of an approaching unkown danger coming for her…..

There was a soul wrenching scream.

The figure that reached the door was a mass of flame and smoke. Lucinda saw the face, wide eyed with terror and pain as the balaclava melted and stuck to his face. Kisses of hungry flames engulfed his eyeballs until theyy sizzled and popped. The blind figure staggered away from the doorway, flailing his arms like a fiery windmill in a futile attempt to snuff out the flames.

An indescribable incandesence, like a supernova, consumed the figure. The unearthly brighness obiterated all his features.

About the Author

Michael J.Eliott is an Australian writer living in Victoria. He has been writing dark stories since his early school days. In High School and College he majored in Media Studies
both writing and directing short films, videos and radio ads. He has previously written a comedy sketch for Australian television.

Michael is currently working on the prequel to his well regarded short story Mr Westacott’s Christmas, In his spare time Michael enjoys reading, drawing, Golden Age Hollywood movies and music from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s.

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Silent Night

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 13.15.06Karen’s Book Buzz Review

I usually start off with a description except there isn’t one because I didn’t get it from Amazon and it doesn’t appear to be for sale.

I came across it by accident and you know how every now and again you come across a little gem. Well, this is it.

I visited the author’s website and as I was reading, one of those annoying boxes dropped down and obscured my view. It invited me to join the newsletter with an offer of a free book. Being a sucker for a free book, I joined.

I know of the author, have spoken to her but never read any of hers. They are mostly Science Fiction/Fantasy stories, books I tend to sreet away from as a rule.

On inpulse I filled in the details and was invited to download the free book. I didn’t even see the cover. It was a short read and having just finished two short reads on the run, decided to start on this one.

What a cracking story! I absolutely loved it!

It was set on a planet where people were forced to leave earth mainly because of terrorist attacks.  scientists had also discovered transportation. Now, if you’re not a fan of this genre your eyes are probably glazing over. But stop, keep reading!

The story is set in a bar and Deak is the bartender. Real people, real situations, and a message in the story that will resonate.

Never give up hope.

Deak is in a deep depression and had let himself go, thus not seeing things as they really were. There are people who care for him, he just doesn’t recognise them. Just when we think we are going to see the last of him, something happens that changes his outlook on life.

Ah, it was just a great story, I loved it!  Hope is such. great word. Without hope, where would we be?

If you want to read this story, you’ll have to sign up for the newsletter and that really isn’t a bad thing. If her newsletters are anything like her blog posts, they will be worth it.

This is the website, I urge you take a look and give it a read!

Books by Sahara Foley

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The Janitor

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 11.35.37Description

Not your usual superhero tale.


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Karen’s Book Buzz Review

Probably the shortest description I have ever come across, which is a shame really. It’s not going to entice readers in, so the only way to do it is word by mouth, and this is it.

A great simple cover and you know precisely what you are getting, a neat little short story which is actually surprisingly good.

It’s horror, paranormal, and a bit of fantasy. Nothing too scary, it clever. I liked it and the imagination of the author. The main character is the janitor, quite a clever man really, that’s his skill, that’s what makes him different, only others with more visual gifts don’t see that. As a result its bye bye to them!

Not much more I can say about it because it is short and I don’t want to give anything away.

It’s also availabe on Kindle Unlimited.