Winter’s Day

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Jolie Winters wants what most women her age want – love and affection. However, nothing seems to work out. When a devastating illness threatens a loved one, she finds comfort in a past relationship–a relationship which now puts Jolie in more danger than she’s ever known. Winters Day is set in today’s suburban Britain. Dealing with tough issues, it exposes the human psyche in all its glory: with gritty realism and laugh-out-loud humour. A multi-layered and highly emotional package.

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Blurb: Jolie Winters understands pain. From her mother’s murder to her abusive ex, she is emotionally and physically scarred.

But, Jolie wants what most women her age want – love and affection. However, nothing seems to work out. When a devastating illness threatens a loved one, she finds comfort in a past relationship–a relationship which now puts Jolie in more danger than she’s ever known.

Will she stay with her abuser, or will she leave, and embrace the love she’s been hiding from all along?

Winters Day is a chick-lit, set in today’s suburban Britain. Dealing with tough issues, it exposes the human psyche in all its glory: with gritty realism and laugh-out-loud humour. A multi-layered and highly emotional package.

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After lunch was finished, Jolie left for Debbie’s.

Her stomach tightened when she looked at her blistering hand hovering over the button for the bell.

Debbie opened the door and started laughing at her. “Good grief. Did you put your make-up on in the dark?”

Jolie nudged passed her. “Very funny.”

She sat down on Debbie’s couch, the oversized red cushions enveloping her.

“Have you got a new job performing at children’s parties?” Debbie’s face creased.

Jolie shook her head. “I see you’re feeling better.”

Debbie put her hand on her hip. “The last time I saw you wearing so much crap on your face you were with him.”

Jolie couldn’t look her in the eye.

Debbie gasped. “You’re back with him.” She shook her head. “You’ve took that two-timing scum bag!”

Jolie could feel the anger building up inside, and held her hand up. “That’s enough!”

Debbie’s eyes went wide. “What the hell happened?” She took hold of Jolie’s red and blistered hand.

“I was pouring the boiling water from the potatoes away.”

Debbie huffed. “Did he do it?”

Jolie pulled her hand away, and flinched. “Do you really think he would burn me? I’m going home.”

Debbie grabbed her arm. “No, wait.”

Jolie raised her eyebrows. “What?”

“I have no idea what he’s capable of—”

Jolie jumped up.

“Let me finish.”

Jolie’s ground her teeth together.

Debbie crossed her legs. “I know you think you love him—”

Jolie put her hand on her hip. “I do love him.”

Debbie sighed. “If you are happy, then I’m happy for you, but he’s a manipulator. You couldn’t see it before.”

 I know she’s right, but he’s promised things will be different this time. She bit her lip.

“All I’m saying is, question him, question everything.”

Jolie sat down. “I’m not going to question him.”

Debbie reached over, and took hold of her shoulders. “I’m not being mean; I’m scared for you.”

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Stranded With The Mountain Man

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 16.16.18.pngGenre: Romance/Erotica/Suspense


Gia’s on the run…

Elijah lives a simple life on his mountain until he saves an injured woman from a crashed plane. He can’t abandon a woman in need, and soon will do whatever it takes to protect Gia, even if it costs him everything.

Gia is desperate and afraid. But when the kind—and sexy—mountain man takes her to his cabin, she thinks she might have finally found a safe place to hide. At least until she has to run again.

As Gia heals, she learns to love Elijah’s way of life, and maybe even Elijah himself. But her enemy is closer than she thinks, and he’ll stop at nothing to see her punished.

Pitted against a ruthless enemy and the wilderness itself, will Gia and Elijah survive to find their happily ever after?

If you like cabin romances, virgin hermit heroes, and survival against the elements, then this is the book for you!

Karen’s Book Buzz Review

I saw this book advertised on Facebook and the description and the cover literally sold it to me. I was also pleased to find it was available on Kindle Unlimited, too.

The title says it all, and I love it for that. I fell for the man on the cover. That face, that beard!

I began reading and was a quarter way through when certain suggested this was an erotica book and, I admit to being a little disappointed. Not that I am against erotica. Sometimes all that vivid description is not necessary. Somethings are better left to the imagination. But now and again, I enjoy reading it, so I am not a totally prude!

However, the writing style was good and I didn’t come across any errors or typos that sometimes distract you.

I was well into the story before the main characters got together and a vivid sex scene was explored. But by then I was with them, I had invested in them and more importantly I liked them both.

It’s a really good story line, with a pursuit by the violent, nasty, husband who brings a lot of suspense to the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story, as I’m sure you can tell from my review!

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Authors Corner – The Secret

I am featured on this blog with my book The Secret.

Campbells World

Hello campbellsworld visitors.

Today we’ve a magnificent sharing from one of Tell-It-To-The-World’s newest clients.

She is celebrating her birthday month by sharing with us some of her totally talented work. The following is a glimpse into a book that is sure to grab your attention from sentence one, and not let you go until the end at which you will find yourself yelling for more. If you enjoy this be sure to let us know.

Be sure to visit Karen’s website to learn all about how you can buy this and all her books.

Karen Mossman

April is my birthday month and so, from 10th to the 30th The Secret is on offer for just 99p/99c

Two excerpts follow, each with a brief explanation to set up the scene.

The Secret is set on the seventies and Kerry is in her late teens. She lives at home with…

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A Whiter Shade of Pale

Since this blog began in early 2016, I review almost 70 books all using the same format. So this year I thought I would have a little change.  I’ll be reviewing the books in the normal way, but also adding a few extras, perhaps books they have written and things I can source from public profile on Facebook.

I would really encourage you to add comments about the book, especially if you have also read it as I would love to hear what you thought.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 09.26.55Genre: Short Stories and Poetry


A word, a glimpse, loved and lost but never forgotten. Follow Audrina Lane through the many shades of pale with stories and poems that will invigorate you with their colour, emotion and laughter.

Magic and mystery stories mix with the paranormal and poetry that brings an eclectic mix of topical rhymes to make a truly wonderful balance that will keep you turning the page for the next surprise.

Love, laugh and cry along with Audrina and let’s begin.

Karen’s Book Buzz Review

This is my first book of the new year and as it’s mid February, I’m a it behind with reviews!

The first thing I noticed about this A Whiter Shade of Pale was the cover. I think its really attractive. The author invited readers on her Facebook page, to choose a title and the one she chose fitted perfected with that cover, don’t you think? The other thing I noticed was the beautiful formatting inside the book, it seemed absolutely fitting for the contents, the cover and the title.

Then I began reading a lovely combination of stories and poetry. The Table of Contents listed: Love, Lost Love, The Forgotten Twin, Dark and Fantasy, and I knew I was in for a treat.

Love is ten pieces of poetry, all wistful and imaginative. This was followed by The Lost Twin and we embark on a paranormal love story that is both absorbing and intriguing.  It was long enough to be divided into chapters and to you to lose yourself for awhile.

This was followed by, Dark, and five poems that changed the mood completely. Fantasy changes things again as it fluttered in like a butterfly.

it’s hard to say which is my favourite, but think I will go with one called Fairy Tales because I really related to that one.

A story called The Portal Key was risqué and fun at the same time. Again it was long enough to get your teeth into and lose yourself in a secret world. Poetry for the seasons including a delight ode to bonfire night and Christmas as its best.

The Lost Soul was cleverly told in the first person with a twist at the end. More poetry followed and it was like getting lost on a sea of emotion. I felt as if I was there experiencing and feeling everything the author felt. It was magical.

My favourite has to be Praying for Time and the death of such a talented man. Audrina put our feelings it into words and she captured the essence of the man in this wonderful ode to George Michael.


If you like romance, and enjoyed this taster of Audrina’s work, you will love her Heart books.

Where Did The Heart go is the first once and is available to purchase for just 99p or if you are in Kindle Unlimited, you can download the whole series for free. My review of it is here. 

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Not only does this talented author write about love, she has also co-aurthored a book with Rita Ames, about the life of a racing driver at Grand Prix. And its another cracking read.


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Dark Words

This sounds very intriguing, don’t you think?

Ramblings from a Writer's Mind

Dark, deep, emotional… My new book… 

We all have dark times in our lives; times when the clouds of uncertainty gather about us, when the shadows in our minds slam shut the doorway of hope.

These are times when the future looks bleak, when tomorrow is nothing more than a harbinger of anguish and our past lives a wasteland of futile labour.

Sitting in darkened rooms, listening to sad songs and reading dark words lends a little comfort to our souls as we contemplate the tattered remains of our world.

This book shares those days, the long cold nights of loneliness and apprehensive dread of what bleakness awaits us when the sun rises.

Like you, I have visited this world of soulless existence. It is where part of me shall always remain, huddled in the gloom, in corners of the deepest recesses of my mind.

Paul White


Grab your…

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Five on Friday

Five great Friday Books and I’ve read two of them. Super reads!

Rainne's Ramblings


Five books – Five Authors – Five Genres

Looking for a new book to read this weekend? Try one of these 5 reads!


Dead NormalTitle: Dead Normal
Author: D M Singh
Genre: Humour, Paranormal

“My name is Amanda and at the ripe age of 23 I’m dead. I got the biggest shock of my after-life, when I discovered that what I thought was a near-death experience was just…death. What could be weirder than that you say? I just met death and his name is Derek.”

Amanda discovers that in order to move on, she must experience the things she never did while alive, Accompanied by her very own Grim Reaper



My review:

I loved this book!

I enjoyed the wonderfully quirky multi-faceted characters and the sweet, yet awkward romance between Amanda and Derek.

I giggled at the humour, the banter between friends and the situations they find…

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