Find Your Next Read

The following books are featured, but not read by me. However, some do make it across to the review section and thus featured twice. Please help by using the share buttons on each of the pages.

Live A Life of Abundance
The Misadventures of a Dating Delia
Thankful for Historical Romance
Thanksgiving Book Sale
A Story of the New Glasgow War
Almost Human
Beta Earth Chronicles – Blog Tour
Ghostly Writes 17
Chance Encounter by Susan Meachen
Alienation Blog Hop Tour
The Soul Catcher by Rowanne S Carberry
Every Storm Breaks by L E Fitzpatrick
In Times of Violence by Karina Kantas 

Science Fiction/Fantasy Feature by Aaron-Michael Hall
Enchantments by Claire Plaisted
Dragon Blood Throne Legacy by Tom Fallwell
A Work in Progress by Rocky Rochford

The Traitor’s Niece: The Complications of Being Lucy, Book 3 by Gus Kenny
Introducing Author Mary Crawford
Jackal by Roxanne Greening
City Boy, Southern Girl by HC Bentley

Blackstar Gambit by Jan Domagala
The Blood of Dragons by Joshua Robertson and J C Boyd

The Rabbit Joke by Paul White
The Devil’s Lieutenant by Suzi Albracht
Get Your Scare On by Will McMillan Jones
Apostrophe Catastrophe by Patrick Notchtree
Twitter Bully by Stewart Bint

Clouds Still Hang by Patrick C Notchtree
Pussers Cookbook by Paul White

Time For Love – Anthology
The Complications of Being Lucy by Gus Kenny
The Black River Chronicles by L G Surgeson
Terror on the Beach by  C S Dixon

With One More Look At You by Mary J Williams
The Rite of Wands by Mackenzie Fiohr
Between Silence and Fire by Kirstan Cannon
Siren Song by Markie Madden

Life in the War Zone by Paul White
The Occuli Book Series, by Christie M Stenzil
The Secret King, First Contact by Dawn Chapman
The Jig Saw and the Fan by Stewart Bint
Central City Tales by Adam C Mitchell
Little Bird Grows up by Wanda Luthman
Finding Beautiful by Amanda Kaitlyn
Prize Draw!
Dangerous MetalGems of Gratitude by The Sisterhood
Cuts – A Bite From The Dark Realm
Rain Down by  S L Slacker

Under the Cornerstones by Sasha Marshall
Detours in Our Destinations, An Anthology to Inspire Hope & Healing by 13 Indie Authors

The Last Iron Horse by Kristan Cannon
You Promised me Forever by Lizabeth Scott

Haze by Brandon J Barnard