Grand Birthday Bash Giveaway!

As April is my birthday month, I am holding a GRAND GIVEAWAY for the whole of the month. This is the prize up for grabs, a LONDON LANDMARK Cross Stitch Coaster with your initial.


Each one comes with a different landmark and if your initial is shown in one of the pictures, this is what you will get.


All you have to do is leave an Amazon review on one of my books after you have read it. Each review will receive one ticket in the draw

There are several different ways to do this:

**These have to be original reviews, not ones posted at an earlier time.**


Email me the URL or a SCREENSHOT of the review for 1 ticket in the draw.

The draw will close on May 15th to give you time to read the book. You will need to provide me with your postal address if your name is drawn.


During the lead up to my birthday, I am presenting a week of guest authors from 17th April every day through to the 23rd

If you purchase one of their books, you will also get a ticket into the draw. Just email me with proof of order.


Each author will offer you a unique free gift within their blog post.

Please remember to also review any of their books including the one you claimed as a gift.


On May 15th all names will go into a draw, which I may, not guaranteed, but may, do it live on Facebook. The first name drawn will win one of the beautiful London Landmark coasters.

The winner will also be announced on here, in my newsletter and on my Facebook Author Page.



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