What is the book about?

The story starts with the main character Kort returning to his hometown of Riddle after spending time in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Some people are happy to see him return, but most are not.

Is is a Series?


 How easy is it to read?

Fairly Easy


Karen’s Book Buzz Review

This was a very engrossing story with a bit of everything in it. The mystery of who killed Desiree, if it wasn’t our hero Kort, who was it? Why were people quick to accept that he was the killer? And why those who had doubts hadn’t spoken they spoken out? Norma was there to welcome Kort home, but did she have an agenda? Why was the Police Chief, Butch, also Desiree’s boyfriend, following Kort? There are so many questions at the start of this book and that’s what keeps the reader going, as it should in a good story.



What I liked best

Little by little, the story starts to unfold and this is where the author cleverly draws in the readers. The town of Riddle is brought to life and I built up a picture of it as the characters moved between the diner, the hotel, Kort’s mum’s house and The Timbers, where Kort worked and Grace lived. I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Kort and his mum, how it had changed and the back story to his relationship with his mum and deceased dad. It didn’t turn out the way the reader would expect and I liked it for that.

And the rest

Kort meets Grace, who is stuck in Riddle while her car is being fixed. Their relationship blossoms and in with the mystery there is a love story, too. There are a lot of interesting minor characters which are fully formed and make the story come alive. There were also lots of twists and turns, which kept me glued to the page to find out what would happen next.

However, I did find myself hearing the author’s voice instead of the characters as each several of them seem to utter or think the same line – something doesn’t feel right.


Overall, a good read.
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