The Last Iron Horse

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 18.56.54What is the book About?

It’s about life after the oil has run out and the governments have collapsed. People have to fend for themselves.

Is It A Series?

Book 1 is called After Oil, this is Book 2 and Book 3 is called Between Silence and Fire

.How Easy is the Book to Read?

Fairly easy.



Karen’s Book Buzz Review

This is the second book of a series, about life after a post – apocalyptic event. We pick up with the same characters, Sheridan, Karen, Derek and Zachary and also Dr. Kaine and Victoria at the university campus. Both camps have a spy in their midst, and only one of them realises.

This time, there are two other factions of people who are baddies. Harnet, and his renegade soldiers who want to conquer everything and everyone. Then there are the Slavers, who travel around in a train and decimate villages en-slaving people to sell them on.

 What I liked best:

We have new characters in the form of Aiden and Francis. Aiden, I particularly liked, and although he is a trained chef, he is also fearless and he goes off to stop the Slavers. Will he succeed? He does, but not without problems that just keep you reading to find out what happens next. I particularly like the scene with the lion.

It’s a great adventure of a story and we weave through the characters as they go off on their individual missions. The author has a great way of describing it all in detail and it very much reminded me of a blockbuster film. You could almost see playing out on the big screen as you read.

And The Rest:

It’s a really good read and I was sorry when I came to the end of it because I knew the story wasn’t over and probably wouldn’t be for quite some time.

This only thing I felt it lacked was a bit of romance between characters. I’d have liked to have seen two of them become attracted to each other to add a different dimension to the storyline.


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