The Running Game

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What is the book about?

It’s about two brothers who are paid to search for people. They soon realise that the person they are looking for is one of them, a Reacher. This means they can’t hand her over.

Is it a series?

It’s clear it should be and on talking to the author, I think that is her intention.

Are there further books available?

Yes, Safehaven is a short story which is set before this book and is available to buy on Amazon.

How easy was the book to read?

Nice easy writing style.

Karen’s Book Buzz Review

I attended the launch event on Facebook and bought this book because it looked like a really good read and I wasn’t disappointed.

The story is a glimpse into a future where society has broken down and things are run more by the gangsters than the cops. It’s a good adventure story as Rachel is being hunted down by the Smith Brothers who are working for Pinky Morris as outside contractors. They need the money to search for Charlie Smith’s daughter.

They find out that Rachel is a Reacher like Charlie, which means they can’t hand her over.

It’s hard to double cross such a powerful man as Pinky Morris and even if anyone could, John Smith,  was going to do it. He’s tough as well as good looking and inspires confidence to get what he wants.

Then there is Roxy and whose side is he on? He seems to switch from one to the other. Just when you figure him out, it changes and then changes again.

This is a dystopian thriller within a world that you could still identify with, but very different to as we know it.

Overall it is an exciting adventure nicely written by L E Fitzpatrick.

What I liked best:

I liked what the Reachers could do and how their powers were slightly different from each other. It left me with a feeling that I wanted more, I needed to know about the reachers and that’s a good sign of intriguing book.

And the rest:

I felt that the author knew a lot more than I did and the explanations didn’t really come out. It was as if there was a book before that explained how things had gone wrong in the first place; who are our heroes were and how did they become Reachers.

I felt I didn’t really understand what had happened to Charlie to make him like he was. It was as if there was a story there, but I missed it. And the quick telling of what happened to his wife and daughter really needed a full version of its own. So again, I did enjoy the book, but felt I was missing something from before.

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