Welcome to my Book Buzz Blog!

I love books so much that I read and write them too and my to be read pile is constantly growing. I also love writing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads but felt I wanted something more, so Book Buzz was created in February 2016.

Book covers are a particular favourite of mine, so much so that I collect them. So if you pop over to my Pinterest board, you can see some wonderful creations there.

On Book Buzz, I’ll be reading a mixture of Indie authors and those who have gone the traditional route with a publisher.

To me, there is no point in reading a book that you are not enjoying for whatever reason. So I only review books that I’ve liked. I also don’t leave negative reviews, I’m not qualified to tell someone they could have done something better.

Therefore, if  you are an author and have your book reviewed by me, you should know that I enjoyed it, otherwise, it wouldn’t be here. These reviews will be different to the ones I leave on Amazon and Goodreads

Readers, you can search through the categories for genres you like or click on the Books Featured on the menu above to choose something to read.

Be aware there maybe the odd spoiler, but personally I don’t mind them as long as I am warned.

The opinion about the book is purely mine and other people may not agree, but that’s okay. It would be a boring place if everyone was of the same opinion.

Whether you agree or not, don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me how you felt about the book.

Happy Reading & Thanks for Visiting!


16 thoughts on “Welcome to my Book Buzz Blog!

    • Thanks For coming along Beryl. If you hit the follow button on the main page, you’ll get notified of new posts. I have actually reviewed about 7 books already, and you can find them under books featured on the menu.


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