Karen’s Book Buzz Blog

Welcome to the sister site of Magic of Stories.

Apart from being a writer of stories, I love writing about the books I have read. In February 2016, I created this site to share with you, the reader, some exciting books.

I am now proud to say that one year later, Karen’s Book Buzz Blog is also an award winning site. The CQ magazine, who I also write for have given me this great honour.

On the menu above you will see Book Reviews and Find Your Next Book.

On reviewing a book, I feel there is no point in reading it book if you’re not enjoying the story. So I only review books I like, which means I don’t ever leave a negative review. Any book reviewed on here means it’s a good one and worth reading. All books are reviewed on Amazon.com, Amazon UK and Goodreads as well.

Find Your Next Book – these are books that I have featured, but not read. I featureΒ all books, all genres, so as a reader, you should find something to interest you here.

The opinion about the book is purely mine and other people may not agree, but that’s okay. It would be a boring place if everyone was of the same opinion.

Whether you agree or not, don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me how you felt about the book.

Happy Reading & Thanks for Visiting!


15 thoughts on “Karen’s Book Buzz Blog

    • Thanks For coming along Beryl. If you hit the follow button on the main page, you’ll get notified of new posts. I have actually reviewed about 7 books already, and you can find them under books featured on the menu.


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